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'Thing' Mont Mouchet WINNING Georges-André Forum
'Gaullist' in Rabat Paul FERON Forum
'No fear' Ardisson Jacques Forum
In the light of 'LA' war Victor Debuiche Forum

To meet his fate! .. Fernand DUBOIS Forum
Liaison officer Tanguy DE COURSON Forum


Hello!. Robert Franklin is coming ... DESMOULINS Germaine Forum

Corpus analysis 001-060 EL BAZE Michel Forum

Corpus analysis 061-100 EL BAZE Michel Forum

Corpus analysis 101-150 EL BAZE Michel Forum
After March 9, 1945 Jean ORSINI Forum
Gunners, my dear brothers ... SAVE FOR BEAURECUEIL Jean Forum
At the time of becoming popularized Schleswig BLIND DESBORDES Forum
In My Lifetime - Volume I HUBIN George Forum
In My Lifetime - Volume II HUBIN George Forum
In My Lifetime - Volume III HUBIN George Forum
In My Lifetime - Volume IV HUBIN George Forum
In My Lifetime - Volume V HUBIN George Forum
With the Airborne Corps Léger d'Intervention Pierre GUINET Forum
Campaign in the Levant DUCROCQ Forum

Japs and captive of the Viet GEORGE-Hélène Tabouillot Forum
Synopsis Denis Raymond Forum
Hunters Events in Morocco from 1955 BUQUET Jean-Marie Forum
Hunters in Kabylie - Volume I BUQUET Jean-Marie Forum
Hunters in Kabylie - Volume II BUQUET Jean-Marie Forum

Chronic United Plate - Shipping in the Falklands RAYMOND Denis Forum
Chronic family Knaur-Blondeau Blondeau-HUBIN Suzanne Forum
1941 Recruiting class No. regimental Algiers 2105 Robert Fouich Forum
Collaboration in Algeria Jean MINGASSON Forum
Bay naval combat Audierne Pierre Coquet Forum
Deputy District Commander Robert Girard Forum
Protest the year 40 Raymond-Pierre Lienard Forum
Courts martial of Indochina - Volume I POUJADE RJ Forum
Courts martial of Indochina - Volume II POUJADE RJ Forum
One war to another Maurice Pellissier Forum
Dalc'h mad! .. Hold on! .. Gordon CARTER Forum
In the Syrian desert FLEURENT Mauritius Forum
Bitche in Berlin Pinceloup Camille Charles Forum

From Munich to victory BARBER Robert Forum
Nice to Marne MULTIPLE AUTHORS Forum
Latest fighting Pierre KNOBLAUCH Forum
Aures Tunisia Guy FRADIN Forum
Dardanelles in Sophia Antipolis Robert Fouich Forum

Bridges to victory: 1914 - Wandering Robert JUDLIN Forum
File STO destruction of Finistère BREAKING Jean Forum
Doudou in Toulouse Brignards Francis Forum

Tran Ninh of Calcutta Ayrolles LH Forum

Laughter, blood, tears Andrew Weiss Forum
In hell ... ROHNER Simonne Forum
Crossing the Liechtenstein Bernard Georges Forum

Tests unfinished
Was I a terrorist? ... Volume I: War 1939/1945 Henri Faure Forum
Was I a terrorist? ... Volume II: Landings - Parachuting Henri Faure Forum
Was I a terrorist? ... Volume III: Notes and Documents Henri Faure Forum
First Special ServiceForce
Flying Tiger's Story Andre QUEGUINER Forum

History EL BAZE Michel Forum
Men 40 - 8 horses Antoine VERDE Forum
It snowed on my 20 years Denis Guillon Forum
He was my friend ROGER Sergeant Marcel Forum
Strange but true Hubert PICCARD Forum
I was a gunner BECKER Fernand Forum
I sing my sad life Madeleine BIDAULT Forum
I chose the bush Roger GASTON Forum
I landed in Provence The HOSTS Jean Forum
Joaquin Groso - Battalion 22 John Salvatico Forum
War Diary Robert CAEN Forum
KGF - Volume I Jacques Doniès Forum
KGF - Volume II Jacques Doniès Forum
The Algerian LECOEUR Augustus Forum

The info at that time El Baze Eric Forum
The atrocious betrayal - My Prison Marcel FORRES Forum
Battle of the Aisne MULTIPLE AUTHORS Forum
The cut - 18 cannons thunder Albert TOCHE Forum
White Farm Claudel-HUBIN Magdeleine Forum

The war will not take place cribs CHRETIEN Jacques Forum
The retreat of China Jacques Boubal Forum
North African resistance - Meeting Messelmoun THE NEN George Forum
Life on the level Larrieu Forum
Le Sang des Garrigues Marcel ALLIBERT Forum
The Knight's Escape