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AEG (Allemagne) Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft wiki-fr  wiki-en
C. C. IV(VI) Фронтовой разведчик IV (VI) Front scout 1916
D. D. I Истребитель Je Fighter
Dr.I Истребитель Dr.I Fighter
DJ.I Ударный истребитель DJ.I Impact de combat
G. II Тактический бомбардировщик G. II bombardier tactique
G. G. III Тактический бомбардировщик III bombardier tactique
G. G. IV Тактический бомбардировщик IV bombardier tactique
J. J. I(II) Ударный самолет I (II) Impact avion
PE Ударный истребитель PE Impact de combat

AEG G.I  G.II  C IV/C IV N  G.III  G.IV  J.1, J.II  G.V 
Allgemeine Elektrizitat Gesellschaft; the Flugtechnische Abteilung of this great electrical company built its first aircraft in 1910, and soon established a flying school. Early designs included a
Wright-type biplane, a monoplane, flying-boat, and floatplane, but the Z 6 (B1) biplane of 1914 was the first type built in quantity, and introduced the company's characteristic steel-tube construction. Also in 1914 came the Z 9 (BII) which saw limited war service, though less than the later C.Il-C.IV types. By far the most notable products were the twin-engined G.I-G.IV, relatively small three-seat multipurpose aircraft, for tactical rather than strategic use. Best known was the G.IV (in service late 1916); G.V was a larger three-bay design, entering service 1918. Production of G series totaled 542,50 G IVs being used for night bombing behind Allied lines in August 1918. Other wartime types (experimental) included single-seaters and "Giants." The JII civil cabin biplane built 1918 had a two-seat cabin in place of the gunner's position, as well as a door and steps. The company made other contributions to the development of German airlines, and the G V was converted for service withDeutsche Luft-Reederei.





In early 1960s began development of cheap, easy-to-fly helicopter, a prototype of which was completed in 1968. Other single-seat models followed, but development of WGM22 two-seater ended mid-1970s.

CI(III) Вспомогательный самолет CI (III) subsidiaire avion 1915 
C.IV Самолет-разведчик C. IV avion agent
DV.3 Самолет-разведчик Avion DV.3-agent


AIRBUS ((France, Allemagne)
A300 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет Moyen de passagers des avions A300
A300B2 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A300B2 moyen des avions de passagers
A300B4 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A300B4 moyen des avions de passagers
A300-600 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A300-600 avion moyen
A300-600R Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A300-600R moyen avions de transport de passagers
A310 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A310 Long avions de transport de passagers
A310-200 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A310-200 avion moyen
A310-300 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A310-300 avions de ligne, le long
A310/330 MRTT Перспективный стратегический самолет топливозаправщик A310/330 avion ravitailleur MRTT perspective stratégique
A318 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A318, avions de transport de passagers moyen
A319 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A319, avions de transport de passagers moyen
A319-100 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A319-100, avion de passagers moyen
A319-130 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A319-130, avion de passagers moyen
A320 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A320, avions de transport de passagers moyen
A320-110 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A320-110 avion moyen
A320-210 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A320-210 avion moyen
A320-230 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A320-230 avion moyen
A321 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A321, avions de transport de passagers moyen
A321-100 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A321-100, avion de passagers moyen
A321-200 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A321-200 avion moyen
A330-200 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A330-200, avion de ligne, le long
A330-300 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A330-300 avions de ligne, le long
A340-200HGW Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-200HGW long avion de transport de passagers
A340-8000 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-8000 avions de transport de passagers long
A340-300 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-300 avions de ligne, le long
A340-300Е Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-300E long avion de transport de passagers
A340-500 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-500 avions de ligne, le long
A340-600 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-600 avions de ligne, le long
A340-8000 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A340-8000 avions de transport de passagers long
A3ХХ Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A3HH long avions de transport de passagers
A380 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет A380, avions de transport de passagers longue
AE31Х Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет AE31H moyen des avions de passagers
A400M Перспективный тяжелый транспортный самолет Advanced A400M avion de transport lourd
FLA Перспективный тяжелый транспортный самолет FLA Perspective avion de transport lourd
MRTT Перспективный стратегический самолет топливозаправщик Avion ravitailleur MRTT perspective stratégique

Formed early 1970s for production of STOL transport aircraft. Eight variants planned of this high-wing twin turboprop design, and prototype of AM-C111 version started but program halted 1978.

Founded 1976 and marketed VoWi 10 Airbuggy two-seat ultralight.

ALBATROS (Allemagne) wiki 
BI Самолет-разведчик Avion BI-agent 1914
B.II(III) Самолет-разведчик B. II (III) plane-scout
С.I Самолет-разведчик Avion CI-agent
С.II Самолет-разведчик S. II Avion-agent
С.III Самолет-разведчик S. III Airplane-agent
С.IV Самолет-разведчик C. IV avion agent
С.V Самолет-разведчик CV Airplane-agent
С.VII Самолет-разведчик S. VII Airplane-agent
С.X Самолет-разведчик Avion S.X-agent
С.XII Самолет-разведчик S. XII Airplane-agent
С.XV Самолет-разведчик S. XV Airplane-agent
DI Истребитель DI Fighter
D.II Истребитель D. Fighter II
D.III Истребитель-разведчик D. III, des chasseurs-scout
D.IV Истребитель-разведчик D. IV chasseur-éclaireur
DV Истребитель-разведчик DV Fighter-agent
JI Ударный самолет JI plan collision
L.72 Легкий транспортный самолет L.72 Light Transport Aircraft
L.73 Легкий транспортный самолет L.73 Light Transport Aircraft
L.75 ASS Учебно-тренировочный самолет L.75 formation ASS avion
W.IV Поплавковый истребитель W. IV flotteur de chasse

See AEG above

AQUILA (Allemagne) Aquila Technische Entwicklungen GmbH
A.210 Легкий многоцелевой самолет A.210 avion léger polyvalent
ARADO (Allemagne) wiki-en  aviastar   
Аr.64 Палубный истребитель Ar.64 Deck de combat
Аr.65 Одноместный истребитель Ar.65 unique de combat
Ar.66 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет Ar.66 avion polyvalent de formation
Аr.67 Одноместный истребитель Ar.67 unique de combat
Аr.68 Одноместный истребитель Ar.68 unique de combat
Ar.69 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ar.69 avion
Аr.76 Истребитель и УТС Ar.76 Fighter et du TCB
Ar.77 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет Ar.77 avion polyvalent de formation
Ar.79 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет Ar.79 avion polyvalent de formation
Аr.80 Одноместный истребитель Ar.80 unique de combat
Ar.81 Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ar.81 plongée bombardier
Аr.95 Торпедоносец и разведчик Ar.95 torpilles et scout
Ar.96 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ar.96 avion
Ar.195 Разведчик-торпедоносец Ar.195 scout-torpilles
Аr.196 Корабельный разведчик и патрульный самолет Ar.196 Navy et agent de renseignement des avions de patrouille
Аr.197 Палубный истребитель Ar.197 Deck de combat
Аr.198 Тактический разведчик Ar.198 intelligence tactique
Аr.199 Учебный гидросамолет Ar.199 Formation hydravion
Ar.231 Поплавковый самолет подводной лодки Ar.231 hydravion sous-marin
Ar.232 Транспортный самолет средней дальности Ar.232 avion de transport de moyenne portée
Аr.234 BLITZ Бомбардировщик-разведчик Ar.234 BLITZ Bomber-agent
Ar.240 Дальний разведчик Loin Ar.240 scout
Ar.396 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ar.396 avion
Ar.440 Тяжелый истребитель-бомбардировщик Ar.440 chasseur-bombardier lourd


AVIATIK (Allemagne) wiki-en 
CI Самолет-разведчик Avion CI-agent
BI Самолет-разведчик Avion BI-agent
B.II Самолет-разведчик B. II avion agent
Automobil and Aviatik AG. was founded in 1910. An Aviatik biplane crashed as early as June that year, but company named as above in 1911. Made French Farman biplanes and Hanriot monoplanes, but developed original types also. On outbreak of war in 1914 transferred works from Mulhausen, Alsace, to Freiburgim-Breisgau. Developed B.I reconnaissance aircraft from earlier Pi 5. Although unarmed, B I was used operationally. C.I-C.III series (1915 onwards) were armed, and reversed earlier pilot-at-back arrangement. C.III used for bombing also. Company also made a few twin-engined Gotha bombers before working on larger R types. Designed postwar civil aircraft, but activities ceased 1919, and a new company formed to take over the concern, which went into liquidation.

First flew in 1985 the FK.6 single-seat high-wing monoplane, currently available for construction from plans. Also offers kits for FK.9 side-by-side two-seat monoplane, FK.9 Mk 3 of 1997 first appearance, and FK.12 Comet tandem two-seat microlight biplane.

Provides plans to construct the BL.1 Kea two-seat composites monoplane.

Bachem (Allemagne)
Ва.349 NATTER Одноместный истребитель-перехватчик Va.349 Natter seul chasseur-intercepteur insolite 1944 

From 1944 this company, with a design team led by Dipl Ing Erich Bachem (formerly technical director of Fieseler- Werke), began development of the Ba 349 Natter, a vertically launched rocket-powered piloted missile that was intended to attack Allied bomber concentrations. Following launch, the pilot would attack the enemy aircraft with unguided rockets, and complete his sortie with a parachute extraction from the expendable aircraft and descent to the ground. The rear fuselage of the Natter and its Walter rocket motor was also recovered by parachute. So far as is known only one piloted launch was made, in February 1945, when test pilot Lothar Siebert was killed. The Allied advance prevented completion of the project, and none of these aircraft was used operationally.

Established in 1922, this company had formerly produced railway equipment. In 1924 it began the production of lightweight sporting aircraft, including the BAG E.1, D.1 and D.11 a, the last being a two-seater with folding wings, allowing it to be stored in a garage

This company was founded by Herr Baumer, who was killed in July 1927 while flight-testing a high-performance monoplane. In addition to operating a flying school at Hamburg, the company designed and manufactured a number of lightweight aircraft. Best known was the Baumer Sausewind, a two-seat low-wing monoplane.


BFW (Allemagne) Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW). 
BFW-1 SPERBER Легкий многоцелевой самолет BFW-1 SPERBER avion léger polyvalent
BFW-3 MARABU Легкий многоцелевой самолет BFW-3 MARABU avion léger polyvalent
M-18 Легкий транспортный самолет M-18 avions légers de transport
M-19 Легкий спортивный самолет M-19, des avions légers sport
M-20 Транспортный самолет M-20, avion de transport
M-21 Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-21 Formation des avions
M-22 Бомбардировщик-разведчик M-22 Bomber-agent
M-23 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-23, avion léger polyvalent
M-24 Транспортный самолет M-24 avions de transport
M-26 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-26 des avions légers polyvalents
M-27 Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-27 avions de formation
M-28 Почтовый самолет M-28 après le vol
M-29 Легкий спортивный самолет M-29 sport avion léger
M-31 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-31 des avions légers polyvalents
M-35 Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-35 avions de formation  aviastar
M-36 Транспортный самолет M-36 avions de transport

Began aircraft construction during First World War and produced a number of prototypes, the company originally being called Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke. Postwar, when aircraft construction was forbidden under the Treaty of Versailles, became the still-famous Bayerische Motoren- Werke (BMW), building motorcycles, motorcars, and aero engines. Re-formed at Augsberg in 1926, taking over the factory of the former Bayerische Rumpler Werke. Built a number of successful commercial aircraft, including BFW M-20 twelve-seat transport. Willy Messerschmitt joined the company as chief engineer in 1928, evolving the Bf 108 Taifun four-seat cabin monoplane and the Bf 109, without doubt the most famous German aircraft of all time, before the company became Messerschmitt AG (q.v) in July 1938.

BLOHM UND VOSS (Allemagne) wiki-en  and  aviastar
BV.40 Планер-истребитель BV.40 Glider-combattant
ВV.138А Дальний морской разведчик-летающая лодка Loin VV.138A Marine officier de renseignement, le vol de bateaux
ВV.1З8С Дальний морской разведчик-летающая лодка Loin VV.1Z8S Marine officier de renseignement, le vol de bateaux
ВV.141A Тактический разведчик VV.141A intelligence tactique
ВV.141B Тактический разведчик VV.141B intelligence tactique
ВV.142 Морской стратегический разведчик VV.142 Revue Morskoj intelligence stratégique
BV.144 Средний транспортно-пассажирский самолет BV.144 moyenne fret avion de passagers
ВV.155 Высотный истребитель-перехватчик VV.155 haute altitude, des chasseurs-intercepteurs
ВV.222A WIKING Дальний морской разведчик-патрульный самолет Loin VV.222A Wiking Marine scout-avions de patrouille
ВV.222C WIKING Дальний морской разведчик-патрульный самолет Loin VV.222C Wiking Marine scout-avions de patrouille
BV.238 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle BV.238 bateau volant
BV.250 Дальний бомбардировщик BV.250 bombardier longue distance
Ha.137 Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ha.137 plongée-bombardier
Hа.139 Дальний морской разведчик-гидросамолет Loin Ha.139 Marine scout-hydravions
Hа.140 Гидросамолет-торпедоносец Ha.140 hydravion torpilles --

BLOHM UND VOSS  called  BV   Ha.135   Ha.137  Bv 142    BV.139  Ha.140  BV 141  BV.138  BV.222 Viking  BV.40  Ha.155  BV.238  BV.144  
Blohm und Voss was a famous shipbuilding concern, based on the Elbe at Hamburg. Its aircraft division, Hamburger Flugzeugbau GmbH, turned to construction of maritime aircraft in the early 1930s. In 1937 Hamburger Flugzeugbau adopted the title of the parent company. Successful designs of Dr Ing Richard Vogt initiated under the Ha designation continued in production becoming designated, for example, Bv 138 instead of Ha 138. True Blohm und Voss developments included the Bv 222 Viking, the largest flying boat to attain operational status in the Second World War, and the even larger Bv 238, evolved too late to enter production before the war's end. The only prototype Bv 238 was destroyed by air attack four days before VE-day.

This company was founded on May 1,1956, becoming established at Ottobrunn bei Munchen in 1958. Until January 1,1965 was known as Bolkow Entwicklungen KG, adopting above title following acquisition of a one-third interest in the business by Boeing. Bolkow held a 25% interest in Entwicklungsring Sud (EWR). Aircraft produced include the Bo 207 four-seat light aircraft, BO 208 C Junior (a license-built version of the Malmo MFI- 9) and the BO 105 five-seat light helicopter, which featured a rigid main rotor of glassfiber-reinforced plastics. This helicopter continued in production under the designation MBB BO 105, signifying that it was then built by Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm, and most recently it has become a Eurocopter product.

Brandebourg (Allemagne)  Hansa-Brandenburg wiki-en  aviastar   Hansa und Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke
KDW Морской истребитель KDW Naval Fighter 1916
W.11 Морской истребитель W.11 Sea Fighter
W.12 Морской истребитель-разведчик W.12 mer Fighter-agent
W.19 Морской истребитель-разведчик W.19 mer Fighter-agent
W.25 Морской истребитель W.25 Sea Fighter
W.27 Морской истребитель W.27 Sea Fighter
W.29 Истребитель-гидросамолет W.29-Fighter hydravion
W.32 Морской истребитель W.32 Sea Fighter
W.33 Истребитель-гидросамолет W.33-Fighter hydravion
BRANDENBURGISCHE FLUGZEUGWERKE  ==> Hansa und Brandenburgische Flugzeug-Werke GmbH 
With Ernst Heinkel as chief designer, this company produced the most important German
Hansa-Brandenburg W.29
W.29 1918 
seaplanes of the First World War, commencing with the KDW single-seater developed from the D1 landplane, followed by the W.12 with characteristic Hansa upswept fuselage and "upside-down" tail arrangement. The W.29 monoplane
Hansa-Brandenburg W.33
W.33 1918 
set the pattern for Heinkel's later designs, outperforming Allied aircraft in combat from introduction in April 1918. The larger W.33 was delivered before the Armistice, and continued in production in Finland and Norway as the A-22 until the mid- 19208, as did the W.29 in Denmark.


Bucker (Allemagne) wiki   BUCKER FLUGZEUGBAU GMBH  aviastar
BU.131 JUNGMANN Учебно-тренировочный самолет Jungmann BU.131 formation avion avion de légende 
BU.133 JUNGMEISTER Учебно-тренировочный самолет BU.133 JUNGMEISTER formation avion
BU.134 Легкий спортивный самолет BU.134 Light Sport avion
BU.181 BESTMANN Учебно-тренировочный самолет BU.181 Bestmann formation avion 

wiki   Bü 131 • Bü 133 • Bü 134 • Bü 180 • Bü 181 • Bü 182

Founded at Johannishal in 1932, its first aircraft was the Bu 131 Jungmann trainer, designed by Swede Anders Andersson.
Bucker Bü 131 ''Jungmann''
Bü 131 "Jungmann"
The prototype first flew on April 27,1934. It was followed by the Bu 133 Jungmeister in 1935 and by the extensively built Bu 181 Bestmann in 1936. Production of the latter continued after Second World War by Zlin in Czechoslovakia and, under Czech license, by Egypt's Heliopolis Aircraft Works in the 1950s.






DASA (Allemagne) Deutsche Aerospace AG DAIMLER-BENZ AEROSPACE AG  wiki-ger   EADS 
АТ-2000 Многоцелевой УБС AT-2000 Multi-UBS
МАКО Многоцелевой УБС IACS polyvalente UBS
DFS.228 Высотный разведчик DFS.228 haute altitude intelligence
DFS.230 Легкий десантный планер Easy glider DFS.230 atterrissage
DFS.331 Средний десантный планер DFS.331 moyenne atterrissage planeur
DFS.346 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental DFS.346 avion

Established as the Rhon-Rossiten-Gesellschaft at Wasserkuppe in 1925; became DFS on moving to Darmstadt in 1933 and undertook glider research. Designed and built the successful DFS 230 assault glider in the Second World War, and the DFS 228, an air-launched rocket aircraft used as a research vehicle for the DFS 346, a swept-wing reconnaissance project expected to reach 1,650mph (2,655kmh) at 66,000 ft (20,120 m). Also undertook development of Me 163 and Mistel composite bomber. Experimented with delta designs by Dr. Alexander Lippisch and evolved piloted V-1. In 1946 the DFS 346 project and its engineering design staff were taken by the Soviets to Podberczhye, where the project was said to have been completed.

CI(II) Фронтовой разведчик CI (II) avant scout 1914 
C.IV(VI) Фронтовой разведчик C. IV (VI) Front scout
RI(II) Тяжелый бомбардировщик RI (II) bombardier
T28 FLOH Истребитель T28 Floh Fighter

Formed by Bernard Meyer at Lindenthal, Leipzig, in 1910, it built Maurice Farman biplanes under license and produced its own Mars biplane and a copy of the Jeannin Taube and Etrich Stahl-taube in 1914. During the war the DFW B series (unarmed) and C (armed) two-seaters were well known, the C V in particular being license-built also by Aviatik and Halberstadt. In 1916 DFW produced the R.I. and R.ll giant bombers, very clean designs with engines in the fuselage. Planned civil development of these after the war had to be abandoned and they were scrapped, but civil conversions of C types were built. The company built no aircraft after 1920, amalgamating with AllegemeineTransportanlagen Gesellschaft Maschinenbau (ATG)






Dornier (Allemagne) DORNIER-WERKE GMBH  en 
ALPHA JET Штурмовик ALPHA JET plan d'attaque
ALPHA JET E Учебно-тренировочный самолет ALPHA JET E appareil de formation
СS.2 DELPHIN Многоцелевая летающая лодка DELPHIN SS.2 plurisectorielle bateau battant
DI Истребитель DI Fighter
Do.10 Истребитель Do.10 Fighter
Do.11 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Do.11 bombardier
Do.12 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle Do.12 bateau volant
Do.14 Летающая многоцелевая лодка Flying Do.14 multi-boot
Do.15 WAL Летающая лодка - дальний разведчик WAL Do.15 Flying Boat - long-range scout
Do.17E/F Cредний бомбардировщик Do.17E / F moyenne bombardier
Do.17K Cредний бомбардировщик Do.17K moyenne bombardier
Do.17М/P Cредний бомбардировщик Do.17M / P moyenne bombardier
Do.17Z Cредний бомбардировщик Do.17Z moyenne bombardier
Do.17Z KAUZ Ночной истребитель Do.17Z KAUZ de chasse de nuit
Do.18 Морской патрульный самолет и разведчик- летающая лодка Do.18 avions de patrouille maritime et de l'intelligence de vol de bateaux
Do.19 УРАЛБОМБЕР Дальний тяжелый бомбардировщик Do.19 URALBOMBER longue distance bombardier
Do.22 Торпедоносец-разведчик Do.22 torpille-agent
Do.23 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Do.23 bombardier
Do.24 Летающая лодка - разведчик и спасательный самолет Do.24 Flying Boat - l'intelligence et de sauvetage d'aéronefs
Do.26 Дальний морской разведчик - транспортная летающая лодка Loin Do.26 Marine officier de renseignement - le transport de bateaux battant
Do.27 Легкий многоцелевой транспортный самолет Do.27 avion de transport léger polyvalent
Do.28 Легкий многоцелевой транспортный самолет Do.28 avion de transport léger polyvalent
Do.28D SKYSERVANT Легкий многоцелевой транспортный самолет Do.28D SKYSERVANT lumière avion de transport polyvalent
Do.29 Экспериментальный самолет с УВП Do.29 pilote de l'avion avec l'OHR
Do.31 Экспериментальный транспортный самолет с ВВП Do.31 pilote d'avion de transport, avec un PIB
Do.128 TURBOSKY Легкий многоцелевой транспортный самолет Do.128 TURBOSKY lumière avion de transport polyvalent
Do.200 Тяжелый бомбардировщик-транспортник Do.200 bombardier transport
Do.212 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle Do.212 bateau volant
Do.214 Транспортная летающая лодка Do.214 transport bateau battant
Do.215 Pазведчик-бомбардировшик Do.215 Pazvedchik-bombardirovshik
Do.215B KAUZ II Ночной истребитель Do.215B KAUZ Night Fighter II
Do.216 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle Do.216 bateau volant
Do.217E Cредний бомбардировщик Do.217E moyenne bombardier
Do.217K Ночной бомбардировщик Do.217K bombardier de nuit
Do.217M Ночной бомбардировщик Do.217M bombardier de nuit
Do.217Р Высотный разведчик-бомбардировщик Do.217R Rope scouts-bombardier
Do.217N/R Ночной истребитель и охотник Do.217N / R de nuit de chasse et les chasseurs
Do.228 Легкий многоцелевой транспортный самолет Do.228 avion de transport léger polyvalent
Do.228 MARITIME PATROL Многоцелевой патрульный самолет Do.228 de patrouille maritime Multi avions de patrouille
Do.228-100 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Short Do.228-100 avions de transport de passagers
Do.228-212 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Short Do.228-212 avions de transport de passagers
Do.317 Высотный бомбардировщик Do.317 bombardier de haute altitude
Do.328 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Do.328 court taxi
Do.328-100 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Short Do.328-100 avions de transport de passagers
Do.328-120 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Short Do.328-120 avions de transport de passagers
Do.328JET Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Do.328JET court taxi
Do.335 PFEIL Одноместный истребитель-бомбардировщик Do.335 PFEIL unique des chasseurs-bombardiers
Do.428JET Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Do.428JET court taxi
Do.528JET Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Do.528JET court taxi
Do.728JET Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет Do.728JET court taxi
Do.A LIBELLE Многоцелевая летающая лодка LIBELLE Do.A Multi bateau battant
Do.B Легкий транспортный самолет Do.B Light Avions de Transport
Do.D Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец Do.D Bomber, torpille
Do.H FALKE Истребитель Falke Do.H Fighter
Do.J WAL Летающая лодка WAL Do.J Flying Boat
Do.К Пассажирский самолет Do.K avions de transport de passagers
Do.N Тяжелый бомбардировщик Do.N bombardier
Do.P Тяжелый бомбардировщик Do.P bombardier
Do.R SUPER WAL Летающая лодка SUPER Do.R WAL Flying Boat
Do.S Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle Do.S bateau volant
Do.T Санитарный самолет Do.T ambulances
Do.X Дальняя летающая лодка Loin Do.X bateau volant
Do .Y Бомбардировщик Do. Y Bomber
FALKE Истребитель Falke Fighter
GS.I(II) Многоцелевая летающая лодка GS.I (II) plurisectorielle bateau battant
KOMET Легкий транспортный самолет KOMET Light Transport Aircraft
MERKUR Легкий транспортный самолет MERKUR Light Transport Aircraft
RS.I(II) Многоцелевая летающая лодка RS.I (II) plurisectorielle bateau battant
RS.III Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle RS.III bateau volant
RS.IV Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle RS.IV bateau volant
P.252 Экспериментальный истребитель P.252 pilote de chasse
SEASTAR Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle Seastar bateau volant
SPATZ Легкий спортивный самолет SPATZ Light Sport avion 

DORNIER-WERKE GMBH 27  Rs III  Do D-1  Rs IV  Gs I/Gs II  "Delphin"  Do J "Wal"  Komet II / Komet III  "Spatz"  Do B "Merkur"  Do X  Do Y  Do 10  Do 17  Do 22    Do 11/ Do 13/ Do 23  Do 18  Do 19  Do 24  Do 26  Do 215  Do 217  Do 335  Do 317  Do 27  Do 28D / Do 128 "Skyservant"  Do 31  Do-228  
Dr Claude Dornier was employed by Count Zeppelin in 1910, and in 1914 was in charge of the design and construction of large all-metal marine aircraft at Zeppelin- Werke Lindau. Here he produced the Rs.I in 1915, then the largest aircraft in the world, with a span of 43.5m. By 1918 three more giant flying-boats had been built, Rs.II, III, and IV, as well as prototypes of single-seat and two-seat fighters. All employed Dornier's techniques of advanced metal construction. After the war the works were transferred to Manzel, near Friedrichshafen, where some two-seaters for the Swiss Air Force were completed. At Manzel, between 1920 and 1925, appeared the Libelle, Delphin, Komet and Merkur, small civil aircraft,  and the Falke, an unsuccessful fighter. In 1922 the company became Dornier Metallbauten GmbH and in 1926, as the Manzel works were too small, it transferred to Altenrhein in Switzerland (see q.v. Aktien Gesellschaft für Dornier Fluzeuge). In 1932 production was reestablished in Germany, this time as Dornier-Werke GmbH, beginning with the military Wal (later the Do 18) and Do 11 bomber, supplanted later by the Do 23. In 1934 appeared its first modern warplane, the Do 17, evolved from a fast, six-passenger mailplane designed for Deutsche Luft Hansa. The Do 17 and its successor, the Do 217, which served as a nightfighter, were the only Dornier designs to see largescale production during 1935-1943. Towards the end of the war the company produced the remarkable Do 335 push-pull twin-engined heavy fighter with a top speed of 763km/h, probably the fastest piston-engined Second World War fighter. After the war Dornier became established in Spain (see above). The first postwar aircraft developed completely in Germany was the twin-engined STOL Do 28. An experimental STOL jet transport followed, the Do 31, and the Do 29 research aircraft. From 1966 the company developed the Skyservant and was  involved in international programs. Collaboration with Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation on Alpha Jet development and production included research into supercritical wing (see also Dassault- Breguet/Dornier). Became Dornier GmbH in 1972. A majority shareholding was acquired by Daimler-Benz AG. in 1985. In 1989 Deutsche Aerospace AG. was formed as a corporate unit of Daimler-Benz Group and intended to unite the work of Dornier, MBB, MTU and more, and was renamed Daimler- Benz Aerospace AG. in 1995, with the Regional Aircraft division administered by Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH. In June 1996 Fairchild Aerospace purchased 80% of Dornier Luftfahrt from Daimler-Benz Aerospace, forming Fairchild Dornier Germany Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH . For more informaiton see also Daimler Chrysler Aerospace AG, in which Dornier Flugzeugwerft GmbH represents part of the Military Aircraft business unit.

Dornier Do X
Do X
Dornier Rs III


Dornier Do 17
Do 17
Dornier Do 24
Do 24
Dornier Do 335
Do 335

Dornier Do 28D / Do 128 ''Skyservant''
Do 28D / Do 128 "Skyservant"

Dornier Do 31
Do 31






DOBLHOFF (Allemagne) Friedrich Doblhoff began work on a jet helicopter in 1942 
WNF 342 Легкий разведывательный вертолет WNF 342 hélicoptères légers de reconnaissance

Friedrich Doblhoff began work on a jet helicopter in 1942, with a piston engine delivering ram air via a compressor to tip orifices. Development was taken up by Wiener- Neusatdter Flugzeugwerke and resulted in four models of the WNF 342.

Produced Delta Dart II tandem two-seat pusher-engined homebuilt.

Formed May 1989 to represent the aerospace activities of the Daimler-Benz Group. Owned MTU engine manufacturer and was the major shareholder in Dornier GmbH; took over MBB and Deutsche Airbus. See Deutsche Airbus and Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG.

Was Munich-based German partner (37.9%) in Airbus Industrie, consisting of Messerschmitt-Bolkow- Blohm (MBB) Transport Aircraft Group, and became responsible for manufacturing the forward fuselage, between the flight deck and wing box, upper center and rear fuselage and vertical tail surfaces of the A300. See Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG.

Founded at Halberstadt in 1912 to manufacture products of the British & Colonial Aeroplane Company, but severed connection with the parent company in 1914. Subsequently it developed and built its own designs under the name of Halberstadter Flugzeugwerke.

See Claudius Dornier Seastar Founded 1982 to develop the Seastar twin-turboprop STOL amphibian (first flown 1984), but became insolvent 1989. Re-formed 1990 as Dornier Composite
and Dornier Seastar Malaysia. Formerly Flitestar Anokagai, owned by Conrado Dornier and Malaysian interests, had expected to place the German Seastar amphibian (first flown 1984 in Germany) into production.

Formerly Dornier Reparaturwerft GmbH, as a subsidiary of Dornier GmbH. Became the Regional Aircraft division of Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG. In June 1996 Fairchild Aerospace purchased 80% of Dornier Luftfahrt from Daimler-Benz Aerospace, forming Fairchild Dornier Germany Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH. 

Established as the Rhon-Rossiten-Gesellschaft at Wasserkuppe in 1925; became DFS on moving to Darmstadt in 1933 and undertook glider research. Designed and built the successful DFS 230 assault glider in the Second World War, and the DFS 228, an air-launched rocket aircraft used as a research vehicle for the DFS 346, a swept-wing reconnaissance project expected to reach 1,650mph (2,655kmh) at 66,000 ft (20,120 m). Also undertook development of Me 163 and Mistel composite bomber. Experimented with delta designs by Dr. Alexander Lippisch and evolved piloted V-1. In 1946 the DFS 346 project and its engineering design staff were taken by the Soviets to Podberczhye, where the project was said to have been completed

Richard Dietrich first built a monoplane at his Hanuske works in 1912, and learned to fly a year later. In 1922 produced the DP.1, one of the first light aircraft in Germany. About that time the name was changed to Dietrich-Gobiet, of Kassel. In 1924 built a cantilever biplane resembling a Fokker D.VII, as well as other designs, but by 1925 (when company reverted to original name) was in serious financial trouble, becoming bankrupt in 1927.

A designer of high-performance sailplanes, Heine Dittmar produced a motorized version of his Segelmowein in 1953- 1954 as the HD 153 Mowe two-seat light aircraft. Wing and tail detached for road transport. A small number of these aircraft, and of the later HD 156 three-seat aircraft, was built.


EUROCOPTER (France, Allemagne)
AS.332 ORCHIDEE Вертолет ДРЛО ORCHIDEE AS.332 Helicopter DRLO
AS.532 HORIZON Многоцелевой разведывательный вертолет HORIZON AS.532 reconnaissance hélicoptère polyvalent
AS.532UB COGUAR 100 Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет AS.532UB COGUAR 100 Multi-hélicoptère de transport
AS.532UC COGUAR Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет AS.532UC COGUAR hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
AS.532U2 COGUAR Мк.II Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет AS.532U2 COGUAR Mk.II hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
AS.532A2 COGUAR Мк.II Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет AS.532A2 COGUAR Mk.II hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
AS.550 FENNEC Многоцелевой вертолет AS.550 Fennec hélicoptère polyvalent
AS.550C3 FENNEC Многоцелевой вертолет AS.550C3 Fennec hélicoptère polyvalent
AS.555 FENNEC Многоцелевой вертолет AS.555 Fennec hélicoptère polyvalent
AS.565 PANTHER Многоцелевой ударный вертолет PANTHER AS.565 multifonction hélicoptère d'attaque
BK.117C-2 Многоцелевой вертолет BK.117C-2 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.120 COLIBRI Многоцелевой вертолет COLIBRI EC.120 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.135 Многоцелевой вертолет EC.135 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.145 Многоцелевой вертолет EC.145 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.155 Многоцелевой вертолет EC.155 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.225 Многоцелевой вертолет EC.225 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.635 Многоцелевой вертолет EC.635 hélicoptère polyvalent
EC.725 Многоцелевой вертолет EC.725 hélicoptère polyvalent
НAC TIGRE Многоцелевой ударный вертолет Multi-nous hélicoptère TIGRE
НAP GERFAUT Многоцелевой ударный вертолет PAN GERFAUT multi hélicoptère d'attaque
PAH-2 TIGER Многоцелевой ударный вертолет PAH-2 TIGER multifonction hélicoptère d'attaque
SQUIRREL HT.Mk.1(2) Многоцелевой вертолет SQUIRREL HT.Mk.1 (2) Multi-hélicoptère
UH-72 LACOTA Многоцелевой вертолет UH-72 hélicoptères polyvalents LACOTA
EHI (Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Italie)
AW 520 CORMORANT Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет AW 520 CORMORANT hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
CH-149 CORMORANT Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет CH-149 CORMORANT hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
ЕН-101 Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет FR-101 Multi-hélicoptère de transport
MERLIN НС Mk.3 Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет MERLIN NA Mk.3 hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
EMT (Allemagne)
LUNA X-2000 Оперативно-тактический разведывательный БПЛА LUNA X-2000 et de reconnaissance tactique opérationnelle BPLA
EULER (Allemagne)
DI Истребитель DI Fighter 1916 
D.II Истребитель D. Fighter II
Dr.II Истребитель Dr.II Fighter
GELBER HUND Истребитель GELBER Hund Fighter
EXTRA Flugzeugbau (Allemagne)
E400 Легкий многоцелевой самолет E400 avion léger polyvalent
Based at Wilhelmshaven. Built in 1922, in conjunction with Prof. Junkers, a small two-seater cantilever biplane which had corrugated sheet-metal covering. Development was intended, and in summer 1922 an English selling price of £222 was mentioned. By 1925 the firm had ceased to exist.

Entwicklungsring Süd GmbH was formed of a Bölkow, Heinkel, and Messerschmitt design consortium on February 23,1959 at the suggestion of the Federal German Defense Ministry, to develop a Mach 2 VTOL intercepter. By May 1963 70 flights had been made with VJ 101C research aircraft, which had tilting jet-pods at wingtips. Studies were made for an entirely different VJ 101D fighter. Heinkel withdrew in late 1964, and in July 1965 EWR changed from a consortium into a limited company. There was later an unsuccessful partnership with Fairchild Hiller.
VJ 101C



Produces the Extra 200 lower-cost, two-seat and 200 hp aerobatic competition and aerobatic training monoplane (first flown 1996); Extra 300 in single-seat 300 hp aerobatic competition (300 S), tandem two-seat aerobatic and training/cross-country (300), and 300 L low-wing (instead of mid-wing) variants; Extra 330 as a derivative of Extra 300 with Textron Lycoming AEIO-580 engine; and Extra 400 pressurized high-wing six-seat touring cabin monoplane (first flown 1996).

FFG (Allemagne)
B9 BERLIN Экспериментальный самолет B9 BERLIN avion expérimental

1989 rename of Gyroflug, to produce SC 01 Speed Canard. Became subsidiary of Justus Dornier Group 1984. Also developed manned and unmanned surveillance versions, but this program halted. Also took over development of FFA-2000 trainer from FFA, becoming Eurotrainer 2000A. 

Fieseler (Allemagne)
Fi.98 Пикирующий бомбардировщик Fi.98 plongée-bombardier
Fi.99 JUNGTIGER Учебно-тренировочный самолет Fi.99 JUNGTIGER formation avion
Fi.103 REICHENBERG Ударный самолет пилота-самоубийцы Reichenberg Fi.103 collision avion-suicide
Fi.156 STORCH Армейский самолет целеуказания и связи STORCH Fi.156 armée avion cible et le contexte
Fi.157 Самолет-мишень Fi.157 avion cible
Fi.158 Вспомогательный самолет Support Fi.158 avion
Fi.167 Палубный бомбардировщик-торпедоносец и разведчик Fi.167 Deck bombardier-torpilleur et scout
Fi.256 SUPERSTORCH Вспомогательный самолет Fi.256 SUPERSTORCH Support avion

FIESELER, GERHARD 5    F 5  Fi.98  Fi.156  Fi.167  Fi.103R  

Gerhard Fieseler Werke GmbH established by the aerobatic pilot in 1930. Fi 2 Tiger produced for Fieseler's own use. Fi 5R two-seat lightplane and Fi 97 four-seat cabin monoplane preceded Fi 156 Storch liaison and communications aircraft with high-lift slots and flaps. Also built Fi 167 torpedo bomber/reconnaissance biplane, designed for carrier operation. Manufactured Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters
Fieseler Fi.156



FLETTNER (Allemagne)
Fl.184 Разведывательный автожир Fl.184 Intelligence Autogiro
Fl.185 Легкий вспомогательный вертолет Fl.185 hélicoptère léger de soutien
Fl.265 Легкий вспомогательный вертолет Fl.265 hélicoptère léger de soutien
Fl.282 KOLIBRI Легкий разведывательный вертолет Fl.282 KOLIBRI hélicoptère léger de reconnaissance

nnovative aerodynamic researcher who became interested in rotary-winged flight in 1920s; Anton Flettner's first helicopter made tethered flight in 1932, blades rotated by tip-mounted engines. BMW Bramo Sh14A-powered Fl 184 two-seat gyroplane flown 1935 and, in following year, single-seat experimental Fl 185 helicopter prototype. Flettner Fl 265 with twin intermeshing rotors appeared in 1939 and six were built before production was halted in favor of the Fl 282 Kolibri, first flown in 1941.24 were built. 

Currently offers the CT two-seat very light composites cabin lightplane (first flown 1996 and produced in association with Albert Schulze-Oechterding from ASO Flugsport), hang gliders and paragliders. 

Joint company formed in 1956 by Ernst Heinkel GmbH and Messerschmitt AG. to manufacture Potez Air Fouga Magister jet trainers for Luftwaffe. 194 aircraft built, components being constructed by Heinkel's Speyer factory and by Messerschmitt at Augsburg with final assembly and flight-test at Munchen-Riem. Also undertook work in Fiat G.91 combat aircraft program and was responsible for MBB Flamingo-Trainer (first flown 1979).

Founded in May 1914 atTravemunde Privall to specialize in seaplane design and construction. Aircraft included F.1, a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft, powered by a Mercedes D III engine, three of which were built. The F.2 biplane (11 built) was slightly larger, with a Mercedes DIV engine, and armed with a Parabellum machine gun. A total of 34 armed reconnaissance patrol biplanes with Benz IV engines was built 1917-1918. 

Formed in 1933 by Heinrich Focke, formerly of Focke- Wulf, and aerobatic pilot Gerd Achgelis. Developed world's first completely successful helicopter, Fw 61, flown as a prototype on June 26,1936. Also designed Fw 186 Argus As 10C-engined autogyro to similar requirement that had produced the Fieseler Storch. Twin-rotor Fa 223 Drache, first flown August 1940, ordered into production 1942 at Hoyenkamp factory, later at Laupheim; in 1945 a captured Drache became first helicopter to cross English Channel. Fa 330 Bachstelze rotor kite deployed operationally aboard U-boats from 1942.

FOKKER (Allemagne, Pays-Bas)
CI Самолет-разведчик Avion CI-agent
C.II Легкий транспортный самолет C. II Light Transport Aircraft
C.III Учебно-тренировочный самолет C. III formation avion
C.IV Cамолет-разведчик C. IV Camolet-agent
С.V Бомбардировщик-разведчик CV Bomber-agent
С.VI Самолет-разведчик S. VI Airplane-agent
C.VII-w Легкий гидросамолет-разведчик C.VII-w-Light hydravion scout
С.VIII Бомбардировщик-разведчик S. VIII Bomber-agent
C.VIII-w Легкий разведчик-бомбардировщик C.VIII-w Light scout-bombardier
C.Х Разведчик-бомбардировщик C.H scout-bombardier
C.XI Гидросамолет-разведчик C. XI hydroplanes-agent
C.XIV Многоцелевой гидросамолет C. XIV polyvalente hydravion
DI Истребитель DI Fighter
D.II Истребитель-разведчик D. Fighter II-agent
D.III Истребитель-разведчик D. III, des chasseurs-scout
D.IV Истребитель D. Fighter IV
DV Истребитель-разведчик и тренировочный истребитель DV-Fighter intelligence et de formation des avions de combat
D.VI Истребитель D. VI Fighter
D.VII Скоростной истребитель D. VII de combat à grande vitesse
D.VIII Истребитель-разведчик D. VIII Fighter-agent
D.IX Истребитель D. IX Fighter
DX Истребитель DX Fighter
D.XI Истребитель D. Fighter XI
D.XII Истребитель D. Fighter XII
D.XIII Истребитель D. XIII Fighter
D.XIV Истребитель D. XIV Fighter
D.XVI Истребитель D. XVI Fighter
D.XVII Истребитель D. XVII Fighter
D.XXI Истребитель D. XXI Fighter
D.XXIII Истребитель D. XXIII Fighter
Dr.I Истребитель Dr.I Fighter
EI Истребитель-разведчик Fighter-agent d'assurance-emploi
E.II Истребитель E. Fighter II
E.III Истребитель E. Fighter III
E.IV Истребитель E. Fighter IV
EV Истребитель-разведчик Fighter-EV agent
G.1 Тяжелый истребитель-штурмовик G.1 Le lourd avion de chasse-attaque
FI(II) Легкий пассажирский самолет FI (II) légers de transport de passagers
F.III Легкий пассажирский самолет F. III légers de transport de passagers
F.IV Пассажирский самолет F. IV passagers des avions
FV Пассажирский самолет FV passagers des avions
F.6 Истребитель F.6 Fighter
F.VII Пассажирский самолет F. VII passagers des avions
F.VIII Пассажирский самолет F. VIII passagers des avions
F.IX Пассажирский самолет F. IX passagers des avions
FX Пассажирский самолет FX passagers des avions
F.XI UNIVERSAL Легкий пассажирский самолет F. XI UNIVERSAL légers de transport de passagers
F.XII Пассажирский самолет F. XII passagers des avions
F.XIV Транспортный самолет F. XIV avions de transport
F.XVIII Пассажирский самолет F. XVIII passagers des avions
F.XIX Пассажирский самолет F. XIX passagers des avions
F.XX Пассажирский самолет F. XX passagers des avions
F.XXII Пассажирский самолет F. XXII passagers des avions
F.32 Пассажирский самолет F.32 passagers des avions
F.XXXVI Пассажирский самолет F. XXXVI passagers des avions
F-27 TROOPSHIP Средний военно-транспортный самолет F-27 de troupes moyen d'avions de transport militaire
F.27 MARITIME Патрульный самолет F.27 avions de patrouille maritime
F-27-100 FRIENDSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-27-100 avions de transport de passagers à court FRIENDSHIP
F-27-200 FRIENDSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-27-200 avions de transport de passagers à court FRIENDSHIP
F-27-300 FRIENDSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-27-300 avions de transport de passagers à court FRIENDSHIP
F-27-400 FRIENDSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-27-400 avions de transport de passagers à court FRIENDSHIP
F-27-500 FRIENDSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-27-500 avions de transport de passagers à court FRIENDSHIP
F-28 FELLOWSHIP Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-28 avions de transport de passagers moyen BOURSE
F-28-4000 FELLOWSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-28-4000 BOURSE court taxi
F-28-6000 FELLOWSHIP Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет F-28-6000 BOURSE court taxi
F-50 TROOPSHIP Средний военно-транспортный самолет F-50 de troupes moyen d'avions de transport militaire
F.50 MARITIME ENFORCER Патрульный противолодочный самолет F.50 MARITIME Enforcer avions de patrouille anti -
FOKKER 50 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет FOKKER 50 court taxi
FOKKER 60U Средний военно-транспортный самолет FOKKER 60U moyen d'avions de transport militaire
FOKKER 70 Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет FOKKER 70 court taxi
FOKKER 100 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет FOKKER moyenne 100 avions de transport de passagers
KI Истребитель KI Fighter
KINGBIRD Самолет ДРЛО Avion DRLO tritri
PW-7 Истребитель PW-7 Fighter
S.IV Учебно-тренировочный самолет S. IV Training avion
S.IX Учебно-тренировочный самолет S. IX Formation avion
S.11 Instructor Учебно-тренировочный самолет S.11 formation d'instructeur avion
S.14 MACH-TRAINER Учебно-тренировочный самолет S.14 MACH-TRAINER formation avion
T.IV Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец T. IV Bomber, torpille
TV Средний бомбардировщик TV Medium bombardier
T.VIII Торпедоносец T. VIII torpille
T.IX Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец T. IX Bomber, torpille
V.8 Истребитель V.8 Fighter

Registered originally Fokker Aviatik GmbH, on 22 February 1912, Antony Fokker's first company operated under the above name at Berlin-Johannisthal then moved to Schwerin, Mecklenberg, in 1913. Name changed later to Fokker Flugzeugwerke. Company liquidated following Fokker's return to Holland after First World War. Fokker E series monoplanes flown successfully by Boelcke, Immelmann and others 1915-1916. Introduced interrupter gear, allowing bullets from a forward-firing machine gun to pass between the propeller blades. Fokker Dr I triplanes built 1917-18, exponents including von Richthofen and Voss. Followed into production by D VII biplane, entering service April 1918. Ensuing D VIII parasol monoplane introduced Fokker cantilever wing. Also built 400 AEG CIV trainers. FII developed at Schwerin 1919, first of Fokker high-wing passenger aircraft.

Fa.233 DRACHE Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет Fa.233 Drache hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
Fa.330 BACHSTELZE Буксируемый автожир Fa.330 BACHSTELZE remorqué autogire
Focke-Wulf (Allemagne)
Fw.19 ENTE Легкий транспортный самолет Fw.19 ENTE avions légers de transport
Fw.43 FALKE Легкий транспортный самолет Falke Fw.43 Light Avions de Transport
Fw.44 STEIGLITZ Многоцелевой учебно-тренировочный самолет Fw.44 Steiglitz avion polyvalent de formation
Fw.47 HOHENGEIERS Самолет метеорологической разведки Fw.47 HOHENGEIERS Airplane météorologiques exploration
Fw.55 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Fw.55 avion
Fw.56 STOSSER Истребитель и самолет повышения летной подготовки Fw.56 STOSSER avions de chasse et d'améliorer la formation de vol
Fw.57 Тяжелый истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.57 chasseurs-bombardiers lourds
Fw.58 WEIHE Многоцелевой самолет Fw.58 Weihe appareil multifonction
Fw.61 Многоцелевой легкий вертолет Fw.61 hélicoptère léger polyvalent
Fw.62 Катапультный разведчик и патрульный гидроплан Fw.62 Katapultny patrouille de scouts et hydravion
Fw.159 Истребитель Fw.159 Fighter
Fw.186 Разведывательный автожир Fw.186 Intelligence Autogiro
Fw.187 FALKE Тяжелый истребитель Falke Fw.187 Heavy Fighter
Fw.189 UHU Тактический разведчик и связной самолет UHU Fw.189 intelligence tactique et de communication d'aéronefs
Fw.189 UHU Ночной истребитель UHU Fw.189 de chasse de nuit
Fw.189B UHU Учебно-тренировочный самолет UHU Fw.189B formation avion
Fw.189C Штурмовик Fw.189C plan d'attaque
Fw.190V Опытный истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190V connu des chasseurs-bombardiers
Fw.190A-0(1) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190A-0 (1) Fighter-bombardier
Fw.190A-2(3) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190A-2 (3) des chasseurs-bombardiers
Fw.190A-4 Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190A-4 chasseurs-bombardiers
Fw.190A-5 Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190A-5 chasseurs-bombardiers
Fw.190A-6(7) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190A-6 (7) Fighter-bombardier
Fw.190A-8(9) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190A-8 (9) Fighter-bombardier
Fw.190B(C) Высотный истребитель Fw.190B (C) de haute altitude de combat
Fw.190D-0(9) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190D-0 (9) Fighter-bombardier
Fw.190D-10(13) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190D-10 (13) Fighter-bombardier
Fw.190F-1(3) Истребитель-штурмовик Fw.190F-1 (3) avion de chasse-attaque
Fw.190F-4(9) Истребитель-штурмовик Fw.190F-4 (9), avion de chasse-attaque
Fw.190G-1(3) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190G-1 (3) des chasseurs-bombardiers
Fw.190G-7(8) Истребитель-бомбардировщик Fw.190G-7 (8) Fighter-bombardier
Fw.190S Учебный истребитель Fw.190S Fighter Training
Fw.191 Cредний бомбардировщик Fw.191 moyenne bombardier
Fw.200 CONDOR Дальний морской бомбардировщик-разведчик Loin Fw.200 CONDOR Marine scout-bombardier
Та.152B Многоцелевой истребитель Ta.152B polyvalente Fighter
Та.152C Истребитель Ta.152C Fighter
Та.152H Высотный истребитель Ta.152H de chasse à haute altitude
Та.153 Высотный истребитель Ta.153 de chasse à haute altitude
Та.154 Ночной всепогодный истребитель Ta.154 nuit par tous les temps de chasse
Ta.183 HUCKEBEIN Экспериментальный истребитель Ta.183 HUCKEBEIN Fighter Pilot
Ta.400 Дальний бомбардировщик Ta.400 bombardier longue distance

FOCKE-WULF FLUGZEUGBAU GMBH 15   A 16  Fw 47  Fw 44 Stieglitz  Fw 56 Stösser  Fw 58 Weihe  Fw 57  Fw 200 "Condor"  Fw 187 Falke  Fw 62  Fw 159  Fw 189 "Uhu"  Fw 190  Fw 191  Ta 154  Ta 152  
Association between Heinrich Focke and Georg Wulf formalized January 1,1924 with formation of Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG. at Bremen. Financial support followed success of A 7 Storch two-seater, flown November 1921. Wulf killed September 29,1927 test-flying F-19 Ente canard. In 1931 acquired license to build Cierva C.19 Mk IV autogiro. Focke concentrated on rotary-wing activities, fixed-wing design was entrusted to Kurt Tank, formerly of BFW and of Rohrbach Metallflugzeug GmbH. Albatros Flugzeugwerke GmbH, Berlin, amalgamated with Focke- Wulf. On Focke's resignation to form Focke-Achgelis, Tank appointed technical director. Reorganized June 1936 as GmbH under control of AEG. Ceased operations 1945, reformed 1951 and combined with Weser Flugzeugbau to form Vereinigte Flugzeugtechnische Werke. First company design was A16 three/four-seat commercial transport, followed by the eight/nine-seat A17, the more powerful 650 hp BMW Vl-powered A 29 and the three-crew/ten-passenger A 38 airliners. S24 Kiebitz two-seat trainer won 1931 German Aerobatic Championship flown by Gerd Achgelis, who conducted maiden flight of Fw 44 Stieglitz trainer late summer 1932, widely used by embryo Luftwaffe and in European and South American countries. First Tank design produced in any numbers (approximately 1,000) was Fw 56 Stosser fighter/dive-bomber advanced trainer, followed in 1935 by Fw 58 Weihe communications aircraft/crew trainer and in 1938 by Fw 189 reconnaissance aircraft. Fw 200 Condor airliner flown July 1937, developed into Fw 200C long-range reconnaissance aircraft. With production total of more than 19,000, Fw 190 fighter was the most notable of Focke-Wulf's designs; after the first flight on June 1,1939, entered squadron service August 1941. High-altitude version, with revised high aspect ratio wing, designated Ta 152.

Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz
Fw 44 Stieglitz
Focke-Wulf Fw 189 ''Uhu''
Fw 189 "Uhu"

Focke-Wulf Fw 190
Fw 190
Focke-Wulf Fw 200 ''Condor''
Fw 200 "Condor"




DI Истребитель DI Fighter 1916
FF 33 Многоцелевой гидросамолет FF 33 Multipurpose hydravion 1914
FF 39 Многоцелевой гидросамолет FF 39 Multipurpose hydravion
FF 43 Истребитель FF 43 Fighter
FF 46 Истребитель FF 46 Fighter
FF 49 Многоцелевой гидросамолет FF 49 Multipurpose hydravion
FF 54 Истребитель FF 54 Fighter
FF 59 Многоцелевой гидросамолет FF 59 Multipurpose hydravion
G.II Средний бомбардировщик G. II Medium bombardier
G.III Средний бомбардировщик G. III Moyen bombardier
Flugzeugbau Friedrichschafen established with factory at Mansell, later at Warnemunde, producing many seaplane designs for German Navy.
Friedrichshafen G.III
FF 29 twin-float reconnaissance seaplane introduced November 1914 for coastal patrol and fighter versions. Replaced by FF 49, with more powerful Benz Bz IV engine, introduced in May 1917. Also built land-based aircraft, including G III long-range bomber with two Mercedes DIV engines, used on Western Front in 1917.


GEEST (Allemagne)

Formed in 1915 at Berlin-Oberschoneweide with capital of 80,000 marks. Built number of allegedly inherently stable monoplanes during First World War.

GERMANIA (Allemagne)
DB Истребитель DB Fighter
JM Истребитель JM Fighter

Formed at Leipzig during First World War to produce aircraft under subcontract. Also operated a flying school using company-designed aircraft. Closed at time of Versailles Peace Treaty.

GERNER (Allemagne)
GI Легкий многоцелевой самолет GI avion léger polyvalent
G.II Легкий многоцелевой самолет G. II avion léger polyvalent

Foundation date not known, but by 1931 had built a two-seat all-steel light aircraft, the G.II.R, powered by BMW or Salmson engine. Later version was G.II.R6 with Hirth H.M.60 engine. Completely taken over in 1934 by specially formed new company, Adlerwerke GmbH of Frankfurt. 

Small company at Niederwalluf-on-Rhine, built several Taube-type monoplanes prewar and Goedecker B trainer prototype in 1915. Also ran flying school. Closed at time of Versailles Peace Treaty.

Goeppingen (Allemagne)
Go.9 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental Go.9 avion

Commandit Gesellschaft Richard Goetze founded in First World War with four factories in the Berlin area. Reputed to have built Otto biplanes.

GI Cредний бомбардировщик GI moyenne bombardier
G.II Cредний бомбардировщик G. II moyenne bombardier
G.III Cредний бомбардировщик G. III moyenne bombardier
G.IV Cредний бомбардировщик G. IV bombardier moyen
GV Дальний бомбардировщик GV bombardier longue distance
GL.VII Средний бомбардировщик GL.VII moyen bombardier
Go.145 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Go.145 avion
Go.146 Легкий транспортный самолет Go.146 Light Avions de Transport
Go.147 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental Go.147 avion
Go.149 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Go.149 avion
Go.150 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Go.150 avion
Go.229 Истребитель-бомбардировщик Go.229 Fighter-bombardier
Go.242 Тяжелый десантный и транспортный планер Go.242 atterrissage lourd et transport planeur
Go.244 Средний транспортно-десантный самолет Go.244 moyenne atterrissage des avions de fret
KA.430 Средний десантный и транспортный планер KA.430 moyen de transport de troupes et de planeur
WD.7 Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец WD.7 Bomber, torpille
WD.11 Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец WD.11 Bomber, torpille
WD.14 Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец WD.14 Bomber, torpille
WD.20 Морской разведчик WD.20 Naval agent de renseignement
WD.22 Патрульный и разведывательный самолет WD.22 de patrouille et d'avions de reconnaissance

GOTHAER WAGGONFABRIK AG. 9 G.I  G.II  G.III  G.IV  G.V   Go 145  Go 147  Go-244  Go-242

Operated aircraft works and flying school at Gotha and seaplane school at Warnemunde in First World War. Manufactured large quantities of aircraft during the war, including seaplanes and twin-engine bombers. Closed by Versailles Peace Treaty. Reopened in mid-1930s with two-seat training biplane, Go 145. In Second World War built Bf 109 fighter and Do 17Z bomber, also Go 242 glider and a powered version designated Go 244.
Gotha G.IV
Gotha Go-244

GROB (Allemagne)
G.115 Учебно-тренировочный самолет G.115 formation avion
G.115E Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation G.115E avion
G.115TA Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation G.115TA avion
GF200 Легкий многоцелевой самолет GF200 avion léger polyvalent
G.520 ERGETT Легкий высотный разведчик G.520 ERGETT Light altitude intelligence
G.520 STRATO 1 Легкий высотный разведчик G.520 STRATO 1 léger à haute altitude, l'intelligence
SPn Административный самолет SPN appareil administratif
STRATO 2C Высотный исследовательский самолет STRATO 2C haute altitude avions de recherche
GROB ==> Burkhart Grab Luft- und Raumfahrt GmbH & Co KG.  Aviation work began in 1971 and has since built many thousands of motorgliders, lightplanes and other aircraft. Recent aircraft include the G 103 Twin III and G 109 series of gliders/motorgliders (production now ended), piston-engined G 115 two-seat lightplane (some versions suited to training and aerobatics; first flown November 1985), GF 200 pusher piston-engined and pressurised 4/5-seat lightplane (first flown November 1991, with six-eight seat versions with piston and turboshaft engines anticipated as GF 250, GF 300, and GF 350), turboprop-powered G-520 Egrett and Strato 1 high-altitude and long-duration research platforms capable of carrying different electronic payloads in 12 separate compartments (first flown June 1987 in G- 500 Egrett form), and the most recent G-850 Strato 2C high-altitude and long-duration atmospheric/ stratospheric/ climatic research aircraft with a unique compound propulsion system using two turbocharged piston engines and two gas generators (first flown March 1995)
Grob GF 200
GF 200




Halberstadt (Allemagne)
CL.II Истребитель сопровождения и штурмовик CL.II Fighter avion d'escorte et d'attaque
CL.IV Истребитель сопровождения и штурмовик CL.IV Fighter avion d'escorte et d'attaque
DI Истребитель DI Fighter
D.II Истребитель D. Fighter II
D.III Истребитель D. Fighter III
D.IV Истребитель D. Fighter IV
DV Истребитель DV Fighter

Halberstadt's first aircraft, the C.I reconnaissance biplane, first flew in May 1916, and together with more powerful C.III and C.V developments, was produced in large numbers in the First World War. The CL class two-seat escort fighters were particularly successful in ground-strafing roles during the campaigns of autumn 1917. Halberstadt's D-class single-seater scouts were strong and maneuverable, but inferior to Allied fighters in speed. A number of D.ll and D.lll scouts were built by Hannoversche Waggonfabrik AG. The Halberstadt D.V, the company's final scout design, appeared in early 1917

Halberstadt CL.II



Formed originally by Blohm und Voss in 1933 (see BV). Aircraft production resumed 1956 with license manufacture of Nord Noratlas for Luftwaffe. Co-operated in license-production of Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104Gs and assisted with design work of Fokker F28 and Dornier Do 31E V/STOL project. HFB 320 Hansa Jet 6/11 -seat business jet first flew 1964. Merged with Messerschmitt-Bolkow in 1969 to form MBB.

HANOVRE (Allemagne)
CL.II Ударный самолет CL.II plan collision
CL.III Ударный самолет CL.III plan collision
CL.V Ударный самолет CL.V plan collision

Hannover, a manufacturer of railway rolling stock, began license production of Aviatik C.1, Rumpler C.1 A, and Halberstadt scouts in 1915 before proposing a compact two-seat escort fighter to German High Command. The biplane-tailed CL.II entered service in late 1917, and was succeeded by the CL.III and CL.IIIa, also built under license by Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft as CL.IIa. Small numbers of the enlarged CIV and CL.V were constructed, plus experimental CL.IIIs with various engine and airframe changes. The company's fighters were known popularly as "Hannoveraners." 

Hans Grade was the first German to fly in a triplane of his own design and with his own engine. Before First World War Grade had a civil flying school at Bork. His aircraft, mostly high-wing monoplanes, were not adopted by the military. First Germanjooping flights made in a Grade monoplane with landing gear both above and below wing! Sold factory to Aviatik during First World War

DI Истребитель DI Fighter
С.I Самолет-разведчик Avion CI-agent
CC Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle CC bateau volant
GI Средний бомбардировщик GI moyen bombardier
KDW Морской истребитель-разведчик Marine KDW chasseurs-scout
W.12 Морской истребитель-разведчик W.12 mer Fighter-agent
W.19 Морской истребитель-разведчик W.19 mer Fighter-agent
W.29 Истребитель-гидросамолет W.29-Fighter hydravion

With Ernst Heinkel as chief designer, this company produced the most important German seaplanes of the First World War, commencing with the KDW single-seater developed from the D1 landplane, followed by the W.12 with characteristic Hansa upswept fuselage and "upside-down" tail arrangement. The W.29 monoplane set the pattern for Heinkel's later designs, outperforming Allied aircraft in combat from introduction in April 1918. The larger W.33 was delivered before the Armistice, and continued in production in Finland and Norway as the A-22 until the mid- 1920, as did the W.29 in Denmark.

Hansa-Brandenburg W.29
Hansa-Brandenburg W.33



Founded as the Zentrale fur Aviatik at Hamburg-Fuhlsbiittel in late 1911; began by building Etrich/RumplerTaube monoplanes. In 1913 renamed Hansa-Flugzeugwerke, merging shortly before the First World War with Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke of Igo Etrich, becoming the Hansa and Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke. This partnership dissolved in 1916, the Hamburg factory being renamed Hanseatische Flugzeugwerke Karl Caspar AG. Next two years spent mainly in license-building other companies' aircraft, though an interesting cannon-armed twin-engined fighter prototype by Caspar appeared in late 1918. Before end of First World War company acquired the ex- Fokker factory atTravemiinde, eventually closing the Hamburg works and transferring its activities there. Here, in 1921, the Caspar Werke AG was formed.

Heinkel (Allemagne)
CM-191 Вспомогательный самолет CM-191 appareil subsidiaire
HD.19 Истребитель HD.19 Fighter
HD.24 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation HD.24 avion
HD.35 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation HD.35 avion
HD.36 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation HD.36 avion
HD.37 Истребитель HD.37 Fighter
HD.43 Истребитель HD.43 Fighter
HD.55 Разведывательная летающая лодка Reconnaissance HD.55 bateau volant
HE.1 Гидросамолет-разведчик HE.1 hydravion-agent
HE.2 Гидросамолет-разведчик HE.2 hydravion-agent
HE.4 Гидросамолет-разведчик HE.4 hydravion-agent
HE.5 Гидросамолет-разведчик HE.5 hydravion-agent
HE.8 Гидросамолет-разведчик HE.8 hydravion-agent
He.42 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation He.42 avion
He.45 Легкий разведчик-бомбардировщик He.45 Light scout-bombardier
Не.46 Ближний разведчик и связной самолет Moyen-Ne.46 intelligence et de la communication d'aéronefs
Не.50 Разведчик-бомбардировщик Ne.50 scout-bombardier
Не.51 Истребитель Ne.51 Fighter
He.57 HERON Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle He.57 HERON bateau battant
Не.59 Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец и спасательный самолет Ne.59 Bomber, de torpilles et de sauvetage d'aéronefs
Hе.60 Ближний разведывательный гидросамолет He.60 Moyen-hydravion de reconnaissance
Не.66 Разведчик-бомбардировщик Ne.66 scout-bombardier
Hе.70 Легкий разведчик-бомбардировщик He.70 Light scout-bombardier
He.72 KADETT Учебно-тренировочный самолет He.72 Kadett formation avion
Не.74 Истребитель - УТС Ne.74 Fighter - TCB
Hе.100 Одноместный истребитель He.100 unique de combat
He.111А(В) Скоростной средний бомбардировщик He.111A (B) Le haut-débit moyen bombardier
Не.111Е Cредний бомбардировщик Ne.111E moyenne bombardier
He.111H Средний бомбардировщик He.111H moyen bombardier
He.111P Cредний бомбардировщик He.111P moyenne bombardier
He.111Z ZWILLING Тяжелый буксировщик планеров ZWILLING He.111Z Heavy buksirovschik planeurs
Hе.112 Истребитель He.112 Fighter
Hе.114 Гидросамолет-разведчик He.114 hydravion-agent
Hе.115 Торпедоносец He.115 torpille
He.116 Транспортный самолет и самолет разведчик He.116 avions de transport et d'avions agent
Hе.118 Пикирующий бомбардировщик He.118 plongée-bombardier
Hе.119 Гидросамолет-разведчик He.119 hydravion-agent
He.162 SALAMANDER Реактивный истребитель SALAMANDRE He.162 avion de combat
Не.170 Ближний разведчик Ne.170 Moyen-scout
He.176 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental He.176 avion
Hе.177А-1 Тяжелый бомбардировщик He.177A-1 bombardier
Hе.177А-5 GREIF Тяжелый бомбардировщик He.177A-5 GREIF bombardier
He.178 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental He.178 avion
Hе.219 UHU Ночной истребитель UHU He.219 de chasse de nuit
Hе.270 Легкий разведчик-бомбардировщик He.270 Light scout-bombardier
Не.274 Высотный тяжелый бомбардировщик Ne.274 haute altitude bombardier
Hе.277В-5 Тяжелый бомбардировщик He.277V-5 bombardier
Hе.277В-6 Тяжелый бомбардировщик He.277V-6 bombardier
Hе.277R-1 Дальний и морской разведчик Loin He.277R-1 agent des services de renseignement et de la marine
Hе.280 Многоцелевой истребитель He.280 polyvalente Fighter
He.343 Скоростной бомбардировщик He.343 vitesse de la bombe

Ernst Heinkel established his own company shortly after the liquidation of Hansa Brandenburg, building a series of single-engined seaplanes (He 1 to He 8) in Sweden to circumvent the ban on the construction of military aircraft in Germany. The He 51 biplane fighter went into production for the Luftwaffe in the 1930s and served with the Condor Legion in Spain. When the Heinkel He 70 passenger/mailplane appeared in 1932, ostensibly for Deutsche Lufthansa, it was the most advanced aerodynamic design then seen in Europe. A natural outgrowth of this design was the Heinkel He 111 twin-engined bomber which served with the Luftwaffe throughout the Second World War. A Rolls-Royce Merlin-engined version of the He 111 was built by CASA in Spain, and served with the Spanish Air Force until the late 1960s. Heinkel also produced late in the war the He 162 Volksjager (People's Fighter), a lightweight turbojet fighter constructed almost entirely of wood. Heinkel had designed, built and flown the world's first jet aircraft, the He 178, in 1939. Other significant Heinkel projects included the He 177 Greif heavy bomber and the He 219 Uhu nightfighter.  
He 1  He 2  He 4  He 5  He 8  He-46  He-59  He-45  He-50  He-51  He-63  He-64  He-70 "Blitz"  He-60  He-72 "Kadett"  He 74  He 115  He-112  He-111  He-114  He-116  He 119  He-100  He 118  He-176  He-178  He-177 "Greif"  He 280  He-219 "Uhu"  He 277  He 111Z  He-162 "Salamander"  He 274  

Heinkel He 111
Heinkel He 177 ''Greif''
He-177 "Greif"
Heinkel He 178
Heinkel He 162 ''Salamander''
He-162 "Salamander"





Founded to produce the Skytrac two-seat lightweight multipurpose helicopter, designed originally by Wagner Helicopter Technik. The HTM FJ-Skytrac received both German and FAA certification, and the company developed a kit to convert the Skytrac into a four-seat light helicopter known as the HTM Skyrider. Production terminated owing to lack of capital,

Wolf Hirth GmbH, a prewar manufacturer of sailplanes, made wooden subassemblies for Messerschmitt projects during the Second World War, including a high-speed glider-trainer for Me 163 Komet pilots, and components for the Me 321 and Me 323 Gigants. The reestablished company, owned largely by Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm, built Arnold Wagner's Acrostar competition aerobatic aircraft in small numbers, and supported the Bolkow Bo 107, 207, 208, and 209 lightplanes.

Henschel (Allemagne)
Hs.121 Истребитель и самолет повышения летной подготовки Hs.121 avions de chasse et d'améliorer la formation de vol
Hs.122 Тактический разведчик Hs.122 intelligence tactique
Hs.123 Ударный самолет Hs.123 plan collision
Hs.124 Тяжелый бомбардировщик-разведчик и штурмовик Hs.124 bombardier-scout et de plan d'attaque
Hs.125 Истребитель и самолет повышения летной подготовки Hs.125 avions de chasse et d'améliorer la formation de vol
Hs.126 Ближний разведчик и связной самолет Moyen-Hs.126 intelligence et de la communication d'aéronefs
Hs.127 Скоростной бомбардировщик Hs.127 vitesse de la bombe
Hs.128 Высотный разведчик Hs.128 Rope guide
Hs.129 Штурмовик-истребитель танков Hs.129 attaque avion de combat, de chars
Hs.130А Высотный разведчик Hs.130A haute altitude intelligence
Hs.130Е Высотный разведчик Hs.130E haute altitude intelligence
Hs.132 Пикирующий бомбардировщик Hs.132 plongée bombardier
HORTEN (Allemagne)
Ho.I HANGWIND Экспериментальный планер Ho.I HANGWIND de pilote de planeur
Ho.II HABICHT Экспериментальный планер Ho.II HABICHT de pilote de planeur
Ho.III Экспериментальный планер Ho.III de pilote de planeur
Ho.IV Экспериментальный планер Ho.IV de pilote de planeur
Ho.V Экспериментальный самолет Experimental Ho.V avion
Ho.VI Экспериментальный планер Ho.VI de pilote de planeur
Ho.VII Экспериментальный самолет Experimental Ho.VII avion
Ho.XVIII Экспериментальный бомбардировщик Ho.XVIII pilote de bombardier
PARABEL Экспериментальный планер PARABEL de pilote de planeur
The Horten brothers conducted flying-wing experiments prewar, building a series of tailless high-performance gliders. The Horten Ho V and Ho VI were both powered aircraft, leading to the turbojet-powered Ho IX flown in the summer of 1944. Before being destroyed in a landing accident after only a few hours flight, it had been flown at a speed of 800km/h. This was developed by Gothaer Waggonfabrik as the Gotha Go 229 V3 single-seat fighter, but the Gothaer works were captured by advancing U.S. forces before this prototype was completed.
Horten Ho-IX / Gotha Go 229
Ho-IX / Go 229

 Ho-II, Ho-IIM  Ho-III  Ho-V  Ho-IV  Ho-VI  Ho-VII  Ho-VIII  Ho-IX / Go 229   


HTM  ==> Helicopter Technik Munchen GmbH.   
Founded to produce the Skytrac two-seat lightweight multipurpose helicopter, designed originally by Wagner Helicopter Technik. The HTM FJ-Skytrac received both German and FAA certification, and the company developed a kit to convert the Skytrac into a four-seat light helicopter known as the HTM Skyrider. Production terminated owing to lack of capital,

Flugzeugbau Dr. Georg Huffer produced a civilian version of the First World War Fokker D.VII fighter, known as the Huffer H.9. It was an open-cockpit training/sporting two-seater powered by a Mercedes engine. A parasol-wing monoplane, the HB.28, was also designed and built by the company in the late 1920s.

Markets C.22 side-by-side two-seat microlight. 

Offers the Eurofox two-seat, STOL, very light, braced high-wing cabin monoplane (certificated 1996), which is available in assembled or kit forms. Variant of the Czech Aerotechnik Aeropro/Evektor Fox (which see for design and manufacturing details).

JONA (Italie) (Allemagne) 
J.6 Учебно-тренировочный самолет J.6 formation avion
JUNKERS (Allemagne)
A.20 Легкий многоцелевой самолет A.20 avion léger polyvalent
A.25 Легкий многоцелевой самолет A.25 avion léger polyvalent
A.32 Легкий многоцелевой самолет A.32 avion léger polyvalent
A.35 Легкий многоцелевой самолет A.35 avion léger polyvalent
A.48 Легкий многоцелевой самолет A.48 avion léger polyvalent
A.50 JUNIOR Легкий спортивный самолет A.50 JUNIOR Light Sport avion
CL.I Ударный самолет CL.I plan collision
DI Истребитель DI Fighter
EF.126 Экспериментальный истребитель-перехватчик EF.126 pilote un chasseur-intercepteur
EF.127 Экспериментальный истребитель-перехватчик EF.127 pilote un chasseur-intercepteur
EF.128 Экспериментальный истребитель-перехватчик EF.128 pilote un chasseur-intercepteur
EF.132 Экспериментальный истребитель-перехватчик EF.132 pilote un chasseur-intercepteur
G.23 Транспортный самолет G.23 avions de transport
G.24 Транспортный самолет G.24 avions de transport
G.31 Транспортный самолет G.31 avions de transport
G.38 Транспортный самолет G.38 avions de transport
F.13 Пассажирский самолет F.13 passagers des avions
F.24 Транспортный самолет F.24 avion cargo
JI Бомбардировщик-разведчик JI Bomber-agent
J.1 Истребитель J.1 Fighter 1915
J.2 Истребитель J.2 Fighter
J.4 Бомбардировщик-разведчик J.4 Bomber-agent
J.7 Истребитель J.7 Fighter
J.8 Ударный самолет J.8 plan collision
J.9 Истребитель J.9 Fighter
J.10 Ударный самолет J.10 Impact avion
J.10 (Zivil) Легкий многоцелевой самолет J.10 (Zivil) avion léger polyvalent
J.11 Ударный самолет J.11 Impact avion
J.15 Легкий многоцелевой самолет J.15 avion léger polyvalent
Ju.20 Гидросамолет-разведчик Ju.20 hydravion-agent
Ju.21 Самолет-разведчик Avion Ju.21-agent
Ju.22 Истребитель Ju.22 Fighter
Ju.46 Почтовый самолет Ju.46 avion postal
Ju.49 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental Ju.49 avion
Ju.52 Средний транспортный самолет Ju.52 Medium Transport Aircraft
Ju.52MS Минный тральщик Ju.52MS dragueur de mines
Ju.60 Пассажирский самолет Ju.60 avions de transport de passagers
Ju.86A(D) Средний бомбардировщик Ju.86A (D) à moyen bombardier
Ju.86E(G) Средний бомбардировщик Ju.86E (G) La moyenne de bombardiers
Ju.86P Средний бомбардировщик Ju.86P moyen bombardier
Ju.86R Высотный разведчик Ju.86R haute altitude intelligence
Ju.87A STUKA Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ju.87A bombardiers Stuka plongée
Ju.87B STUKA Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ju.87B bombardiers Stuka plongée
Ju.87C STUKA Палубный пикирующий бомбардировщик Ju.87C bombardiers Stuka Deck de plongée
Ju.87D STUKA Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ju.87D bombardiers Stuka plongée
Ju.87G STUKA Противотанковый бомбардировщик Ju.87G anti bombardiers Stuka
Ju.87H STUKA Учебно-тренировочный самолет Ju.87H avion Stuka Formation
Ju.87R STUKA Дальний пикирующий бомбардировщик Loin de plongée Ju.87R Stuka bombardier
Ju.88А-1 Скоростной средний бомбардировщик Ju.88A-1 à grande vitesse moyen bombardier
Ju.88А-4 Скоростной средний бомбардировщик Ju.88A-4 haute vitesse moyenne de bombardiers
Ju.88B/D/T Дальний разведчик Loin Ju.88B/D/T scout
Ju.88C Tяжелый ночной истребитель Ju.88C Tyazhely chasseur de nuit
Ju.88G Tяжелый ночной истребитель Ju.88G Tyazhely chasseur de nuit
Ju.88H Сверхдальний разведчик Ju.88H ultra-intelligence
Ju.88P Тяжелый противотанковый штурмовик Ju.88P lourde antichar plan d'attaque
Ju.88S Скоростной средний бомбардировщик Ju.88S vitesse moyenne de bombardiers
Ju.88 MISTEL Разделяемый ударный самолет Ju.88 Mistel Shared avions de frappe
Ju.89 Дальний тяжелый бомбардировщик Ju.89 longue distance bombardier
Ju.90 Транспортный самолет Ju.90 avions de transport
Ju.160 Пассажирский самолет Ju.160 avions de transport de passagers
Ju.186 Средний бомбардировщик Ju.186 moyen bombardier
Ju.187 STUKA Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ju.187 bombardiers Stuka plongée
Ju.188А Cредний бомбардировщик Ju.188A moyenne bombardier
Ju.188D/F Дальний разведчик Ju.188D / F Extrême-scout
Ju.188Е Cредний бомбардировщик Ju.188E moyenne bombardier
Ju.252 Mногоцелевой тpанспоpтный самолет Ju.252 Mnogotselevoy tpanspoptny avion
Ju.287 Скоростной тяжелый бомбардировщик Ju.287 haute vitesse bombardier
Ju.288А Cредний бомбардировщик Ju.288A moyenne bombardier
Ju.288B Cредний бомбардировщик Ju.288B moyenne bombardier
Ju.288C Cредний бомбардировщик Ju.288C moyenne bombardier
Ju.290A SEEADLER Патрульный самолет Ju.290A Seeadler avions de patrouille
Ju.290B SEEADLER Патрульный самолет Ju.290B Seeadler avions de patrouille
Ju.322 MAMMUT Тяжелый десантный и транспортный планер MAMMUT Ju.322 atterrissage lourd et transport planeur
Ju.352 Многоцелевой тpанспоpтный самолет Ju.352 Multi tpanspoptny avion
Ju.388J STERTEBEKKER Тяжелый перехватчик Ju.388J STERTEBEKKER lourds intercepteur
Ju.388L Cредний разведчик Ju.388L intelligence moyenne
Ju.390 Дальний тяжелый бомбардировщик Ju.390 longue distance bombardier
Ju.488 Дальний тяжелый бомбаpдиpовщик Loin Ju.488 lourds bombapdipovschik
Ju.635 Дальний разведчик Loin Ju.635 scout
K.16 Легкий многоцелевой самолет K.16 avion léger polyvalent
K.30 Бомбардировщик K.30 Bomber
K.37 Легкий бомбардировщик-разведчик K.37 Light bombardier-éclaireur
K.39 Самолет-разведчик K.39 Airplane-agent
K.43 Морской бомбардировщик-разведчик K.43 Marine scout-bombardier
K.45 Бомбардировщик-торпедоносец K.45 Bomber, torpille
K.47 Истребитель K.47 Fighter
K.51 Тяжелый бомбардировщик K.51 bombardier lourd
K.53 Самолет-разведчик K.53 Airplane-agent
S.36 Транспортный самолет Paragraphe 36 avions de transport
T19 Учебно-тренировочный самолет T19 formation avion
T22 Истребитель T22 Fighter
T23 Учебно-тренировочный самолет T23 formation avion
T26 Учебно-тренировочный самолет T26 formation avion
T27 Учебно-тренировочный самолет T27 formation avion
T29 Учебный и спортивный самолет T29 appareil de formation et de sports
W.33 Транспортный самолет W.33 avions de transport
W.34 Транспортный самолет W.34 avions de transport
Professor Hugo Junkers (1859-1935) became enthusiastically interested in aircraft development and worked for several aero-engine manufacturers. Convinced that allmetal structure was the ultimate answer to successful aircraft design, he produced the experimental J1 "Blechesel" (tin donkey) cantilever monoplane
Junkers G 31
G 31
which flew on December 12,1915, giving unexpectedly stable performance. Then teamed briefly with Anthony Fokker (see Junkers-Fokker-Werke). Junkers Flugzeug Werke AG. formed at Dessau April 24,1919, first concentrating on all-metal civilian transports such as F13 four-passenger monoplane (more than 350 built). In 1923 received concession from Soviet government to build aircraft in old Russo-Baltic factory at Fili, near Moscow; established Swedish subsidiary, AB Flygindustri, near Malmo, and formed Junkers Motorenbau GmbH for production of aero engines. After death of Hugo Junkers the company became state-owned and, amalgamating with the aeroengine firm, became Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG in 1936, then the largest aviation company in the world. For German rearmament program, Junkers built factories in many other parts of Germany, and in Czechoslovakia and France. Major types produced included G24 and G31 airliners of 1925/1926: W33 and W34 cargo transports, used also as trainers by Luftwaffe; the G38 "flying wing"of 1928 (prototype flew November 6,1929; production models carried 34 passengers plus seven crew). Some used as military transports in early stages of Second World War. On October 13,1930 came first flight of famous Ju 52 cargo transport. Three-engined Ju 52/3m based on latter used in wide variety of roles before and during Second World War, production totalling more than 4,850. Prewar production continued with Ju 60 and Ju 160 airliners, Ju 86 bomber, transport and trainer, and Ju 87 dive-bomber in many versions. Followed by Ju 88/188/388 family of twin-engined bombers. The Ju 90/290/390 family began as four-engined 38/40-seat airliners, converted as heavy transport/reconnaissance types in Second World War. Junkers was among first companies to produce military jet aircraft; two prototypes of its Ju 287 with forwardswept wings  were captured by Russians in 1945. After Second World War aircraft production ended, and with absorption of small aero-engine plant by Messerschmitt group in 1975, the Junkers name disappeared entirely. 
J.1  F 13  G23, G24  G 31   W33, W34  G 38  Ju 52/1m  Ju-49  Ju-52/3m  Ju 60  Ju-86  Ju-87  Ju 160  Ju-88  Ju 89  Ju 90  Ju 288  Ju 322  Ju 290  Ju 188  Ju 252  Ju 390  Ju 352  Ju 287  Ju 388  Ju 48  
Junkers Ju-52/3m
Junkers Ju-87

Junkers Ju-88
Junkers Ju 90
Ju 90




Prof. Hugo Junkers built his J1 aircraft in 1915 to exemplify his 1910 patent for a cantilever all-metal wing. Six J 2s were then built, but when J 4 ground-attack biplane was ordered for German Army he was not geared for mass production. Thus, Junkers-Fokker-Werke was formed at Dessau on October 20,1917, with equal shares held by Junkers and Anthony Fokker. Conflicts of personality caused Fokker and Junkers to separate in 1918, and the Junkers re-formed following April as Junkers FlugzeugwerkeAG. (see above)

KLEMM (Allemagne)
L-15 Легкий многоцелевой самолет L-15, avion léger polyvalent
L-20 Легкий многоцелевой самолет L-20 des avions légers polyvalents
L-25 Учебно-тренировочный самолет L-25, avion de formation
KL-31 Легкий многоцелевой самолет KL-31 avions légers polyvalents
KL-32 Легкий многоцелевой самолет KL-32 avions légers polyvalents
KL-35 Учебно-тренировочный самолет KL-35 Formation des avions
KL-105 Учебно-тренировочный самолет KL-105 avions de formation
KL-107 Учебно-тренировочный самолет KL-107 avions de formation
Kondor (Allemagne)
DI Истребитель DI Fighter

Dr Ing Hanns Klemm (1885-1961) was an eminent pioneer in the development of light aircraft. During the First World War he worked with Zeppelin, Dornier and Hansa und Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke, and later with Daimler, for whom he designed biplanes and monoplanes, including fighters. After the war he concentrated on light and economical aircraft, sometimes called Daimler-Klemm. L15 of 1919 was originally a glider,
Klemm Kl.107 / MBB Bo.207
Kl.107 / MBB Bo.207
though later powered, but had high wing. True precursor of the classic Klemm low-powered two-seat line of low-wing monoplanes was L20 of 1924. In December 1926 Leichtflugzeugbau Klemm GmbH was formed (notably associated with Bb'blingen), and L 25 was produced from 1927 with many types of engine, consolidating Klemm's reputation. K131 and K132 of early 1930s were cabin types. Company renamed Hans Klemm Flugzeugbau August 1938, and was then making K135 cranked-wing tourer/trainer series for Luftwaffe and export. In new type-number series built Kl 105-107. During Second WorldWar contributed to military-aircraft production, afterwards Klemm revived Kl 107 three-seat cabin model. Production ended November 1957

Adlerwerke vorm Heinrich Kleyer AG. was formed at Frankfurt am Main in 1934 to take over Frankfurter Flugzeugbau Max Gerner GmbH. Made low-cost, low-powered all-metal light aircraft with Gerner engines.

Designed and built military aircraft in First World War, including D I and D 7 single-seat fighter biplanes (1918 and 1917 respectively), and E III parasol monoplane.

Offers in assembled or kit form the Sky Walker tandem two-seat very light aircraft. 

Developed series of related light sporting aircraft, but only MY 102 Tornado single-seater flown (1973). Others were to be MY 103 Mistral two-seater and MY 104 Passat four-seater. 

LFG ROLAND (Allemagne)
C.II WALVIS Самолет-разведчик C. II WALVIS Airplane-agent
DI Истребитель DI Fighter
D.II Истребитель D. Fighter II
D.III Истребитель D. Fighter III
D.VI Истребитель D. VI Fighter
WD Поплавковый истребитель WD flotteur de chasse

LFG  ==> Luftfahrzeug GmbH.  

RI Тяжелый бомбардировщик RI bombardier lourd
R.II Тяжелый бомбардировщик R. II bombardier

Railway engineering company of Hundsfeld, Breslau, which entered aviation in 1916 by repairing and building under license Roland and Aibatros aircraft. In 1917 completed its first R-plane (R = Riesenflugzeug; giant aircraft) contract. The R.I. rebuild later crashed on test. The R.ll was the largest single-propeller aircraft ever built.

Linke-Hoffmann R.II




LIPPISCH (Allemagne)
DM-1 Экспериментальный планер DM-1 de pilote de planeur

Markets kits to build LO-120 tandem two-seat very light aircraft, with smaller LO-120 Bausatz I also offered.

Formed 1911, producing Arrow biplanes. One sold to Austro-Hungarian Army, 1911. Amalgamated with Etrich in 1912. 
Austrian Igo Etrich (1879-1967) experimented in aeronautics from 1899. After working with engineer Franz Wels he made a tailless glider with backswept wings in 1907. This was intended to be powered, and led to the Etrich Taube monoplane (bird-like, with backswept warping outer wings and fan-like tail) in 1909-1910. Object was inherent stability; first flight at Wiener-Neustadt in November 1909. Small-scale production (Etrich Flieger Werke) and competitive success followed, in U.K. and other countries and the type was imitated frequently. Early Etrich pilots included Hellmuth Hirth. Jointly with his businessman father, Etrich had a private experimental establishment at Josefstadt. Etrich A-1 and A-2 monoplanes served with Austro-Hungarian Army before First World War. Etrich Fliegerwerke GmbH established at Liebau, Silesia, in 1912, independent of Motorluftfahrzeug Gesellschaft of Vienna and Rumpler of Berlin, each of which held a license for the Taube. Rumpler built the type from 1911-1914, and other German makers built similar machines, as used by the German Army before and during the war. First product from Liebau was a remarkable three-seat cabin monoplane with wings of variable incidence and camber, and nosewheel landing gear. In 1914 the company was absorbed by Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke (q.v.).

A subsidiary of DFW founded at Travemunde in 1914. Designed and built a small number of large, singie-engined seaplanes for the German Navy 1917-1918. 

Based at Johannisberg and engaged in experimental seaplane fighter design in 1918. A small number were built for test purposes. 

Founded by Krupp from the Flugmaschine Wright GmbH (originally Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft, 1906). Adopted Roland as trade name. Built Albatros B and C types under license at Charlottenberg until their own Roland C.ll of 1915. Built a series of 12 fighter designs, of which only the D.ll was built in quantity. Produced the V-19 Stralsund, the first aircraft designed for carriage by submarines. After the war converted and built civil aircraft until 1925, including singie-engined landplanes and seaplanes for civil airlines. Operated a number of shorthaul routes around the Baltic. Went into liquidation 1928.

Based at Johannisthal, Berlin; one of the largest German aircraft companies during First World War. Built Farmans under license, its own first design being the B.1 of 1913. An efficient aircraft remaining in service for observation and training for some years, it was the forerunner of all German two-seat observation aircraft of 1914-1918. Developed lengthy series, including very popular C.V and C.VI as well as prototype fighters and bombers. Converted several postwar for service with civil airlines.

LVG (Allemagne)
С.I(II) Разведчик-бомбардировщик CI (II) scout-bombardier
CV Фронтовой разведчик CV Front scout
С.VI Разведчик-бомбардировщик S. VI scout-bombardier
LVG  ==> Luftverkehrs GmbH.   

Founded at Bremen late 1930s, built Stomo 3 single-seat cabin monoplane powered by 18 hp Kroeber M.4 engine. Similar Moller Sturmer had a 53 hp Zundapp engine. 

Engineering company, based at Breslau, which built 3- and 5-cylinder Baer radial engines and Reiseler sports monoplanes. 

MBB (Allemagne)
ВК.117 Многоцелевой вертолет VK.117 hélicoptère polyvalent
Вo.105 Многоцелевой ударный вертолет Multi Vo.105 hélicoptère d'attaque
Bo.108 Многоцелевой вертолет Bo.108 hélicoptère polyvalent
HFB.320 HANSA Легкий многоцелевой транспортный самолет HFB.320 HANSA avion de transport léger polyvalent
HFB-320M HANSA Самолет РЭБ HFB-320M HANSA avion EW
PAH-1 Противотанковый вертолет HAP-1 anti-hélicoptère
X-31 Экспериментальный самолет X-31 avion expérimental

MBB   ==>  Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm GmbH.  below  

Established at Oedheim, acquired from Dr. Winter of Brunswick Technical College license to build Kiebitz two-seat STOL monoplane. In 1956 began development of SM-67 Turbomeca Artouste-powered five-seat helicopter, initially as private venture and later to government contract. 

Bf.108 TAIFUN Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет Bf.108 TAIFUN avion polyvalent de formation
Bf.109В Истребитель Bf.109V Fighter
Bf.109С Истребитель Bf.109S Fighter
Bf.109D Истребитель Bf.109D Fighter
Bf.109E Дневной истребитель Bf.109E Journée de chasse
Bf.109F Истребитель Bf.109F Fighter
Bf.109G Истребитель Bf.109G Fighter
Bf.109H Высотный истребитель Bf.109H de chasse à haute altitude
Bf.109K Истребитель Bf.109K Fighter
Bf.109Т Палубный истребитель-бомбардировщик Bf.109T Deck chasseur-bombardier
Bf.109Z ZWILLING Тяжелый истребитель-бомбардировщик ZWILLING Bf.109Z chasseurs-bombardiers lourds
Bf.110В(А) Стратегический истребитель Bf.110V (A) Strategic Fighter
Bf.110C Тяжелый истребитель Bf.110C Heavy Fighter
Bf.110F(D,E) Тяжелый истребитель-бомбардировщик Bf.110F (D, E) Le chasseur-bombardier lourd
Bf.110G(H) Ночной и всепогодный истребитель Bf.110G (H) et de nuit par tous les temps de chasse
Bf.161 Фронтовой разведчик Bf.161 Front scout
Bf.162 Легкий бомбардировщик Bf.162 Light bombardier
M-17 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-17 des avions légers polyvalents
M-18 Легкий транспортный самолет M-18 avions légers de transport
M-19 Легкий спортивный самолет M-19, des avions légers sport
M-20 Транспортный самолет M-20, avion de transport
M-21 Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-21 Formation des avions
M-22 Бомбардировщик-разведчик M-22 Bomber-agent
M-23 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-23, avion léger polyvalent
M-24 Транспортный самолет M-24 avions de transport
M-26 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-26 des avions légers polyvalents
M-27 Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-27 avions de formation
M-28 Почтовый самолет M-28 après le vol
M-29 Легкий спортивный самолет M-29 sport avion léger
M-31 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M-31 des avions légers polyvalents
M-35 Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-35 avions de formation
M-36 Транспортный самолет M-36 avions de transport
Ме.163 КОМЕТ Истребитель Me.163 COMET? ASSAY Fighter
Me.208 TAIFUN Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет Me.208 TAIFUN avion polyvalent de formation
Ме.209 Высотный истребитель Me.209 de chasse à haute altitude
Me.210А-1 Тяжелый истребитель Me.210A-1 lourds de combat
Me.210А-2 Пикирующий бомбардировщик Me.210A-2 dive-bombardier
Me.261 Дальний разведчик Loin Me.261 scout
Me.262A-1 SCHWALBE Высокоскоростной истребитель-перехватчик Me.262A-1 High Speed Schwalbe chasseur-intercepteur
Me.262A-2 STURMVOGEL Истребитель-бомбардировщик Me.262A-2 Fighter STURMVOGEL-bombardier
Me.262B-1a/U1 Ночной истребитель Me.262B-1a/U1 de chasse de nuit
Me.262С HEIMATSCHUTZER Истребитель-перехватчик Me.262S HEIMATSCHUTZER Fighter intercepteur
Me.263 Истребитель-перехватчик Me.263 Fighter intercepteur
Me.264 AMERIKA Стратегический бомбардировщик AMERIKA Me.264 bombardier stratégique
Me.265 Тяжелый истребитель-бомбардировщик Me.265 chasseurs-bombardiers lourds
Ме.309 Истребитель Me.309 Fighter
Me.310 Скоростной бомбардировщик Me.310 vitesse de la bombe
Me.321 GIGANT Тяжелый транспортный планер Me.321 GIGANT planeur de transport lourd
Me.323 GIGANT Сверхтяжелый транспортный самолет Me.323 GIGANT ultraheavy avions de transport
Me.328 Легкий бомбардировщик Me.328 Light bombardier
Ме.329 Тяжелый истребитель-бомбардировщик Me.329 chasseurs-bombardiers lourds
Me.410 HORNISSE Тяжелый истребитель Me.410 Hornisse Heavy Fighter
Me.410В Легкий бомбардировщик Me.410V Light bombardier
Р-1101 Истребитель-перехватчик P-1101 chasseur-intercepteur

MESSERSCHMITT GMBH 22   M 20  Bf 108 "Taifun"  Bf 109  Bf 110  Bf 162  Me 209  Bf 161  Me 210  Me-163 "Komet"
  Me-262  Me 261  Me 321  Me-323  Me 410 Hornisse  Me 264  Me 309  Me 328  Me 209 II  Me 310  P.1101  Me 263  Me 329 

Founded by Willi Messerschmitt at Bamberg in 1923 as Messerschmitt Flugzeugbau; became GmbH April 28,1926. Merged with Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW above)  8 September 1927, but reconstituted June 1931 when BFW collapsed. BFW reformed 1933 and renamed Messerschmitt AG 11 July 1938. Amalgamated with Bolkow  (BOLKOW GMBH above) as Messerschmitt Bolkow GmbH 1968 and then with Hamburger Flugzeugbau to form Messerschmitt-Bolkow- Blohm 14 May 1969. S-16 powered glider flown 1924; M-18 three-passenger, single-engined airliners built for Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug AG and others 1925. Developed into M-20 and M-20b built for Lufthansa 1928. Highly successful M-23 two-seat sporting monoplane introduced 1929. After being renamed in 1938 continued production of BFW's Bf 108 and of Bf 109 fighter, Bf 110 twin-engined long-range fighter. Rocket-powered Me 163 fighter first flown August 1941, and first of Me 262 twin-jet fighters on 18 July 1942. Bf 110 developed into Me 210 fighter-bomber first flown September 2,1939, built up to 1944, and reengined Me 410, which made maiden flight in late 1942. Me 321 Gigant troop carrier/cargo glider (54.68m wingspan) introduced 1941; 175 built together with 201 of Me 323 powered version with six Gnome- Rhone radial engines. Reconstituted postwar company formed Flugzeug-Union Sud (FLUGZEUG-UNION-SUD GMBH above) with Heinkel in August 1956, building Fouga Magister under license and later taking part in programs for Fiat G.91, Lockheed F-104G, Transall C.160 and Bell UH-1D.

Messerschmitt M 20
M 20
Messerschmitt Bf 109
Bf 109
Messerschmitt Me-163 ''Komet''
Me-163 "Komet"

Messerschmitt Me-262
Messerschmitt Me-323



Formed 14 May 1969 as merger of Messerschmitt-Bölkow GmbH and Hamburger Flugzeugbau GmbH, (above) headquarters at Ottobrun, Munich. Inherited its forebears' production programs, including Bolkow's 208C Junior, 209 Monsun and 223 Flamingo light aircraft and Bo.105 helicopter, also HFB's Hansa executive jet. Produced Bo.105 and Tornado, latter by virtue of its 42.5% holding in Panavia, and participated in Airbus, Transall, and Fokker F-28 programs; took over VFW January 1981. Became part of Deutsche Aerospace AG (above) in 1989. 

Produced the MKII two-seat helicopter in ultralight form, first flown 1996 and offered ready assembled. Ultralight since withdrawn, giving way to new and improved certificated version.

Brothers Jacob and Philipp Muller formed Boots und Flugzeugbau Gebr Muller at Darmstadt in 1908, manufacturing parts for Voisin aircraft being built under license by August Euler. After First World War developed several light aircraft, including GMG V two-seat cabin monoplane with Argus As.16 or BMW Xa engine. 

Currently marketing the single-seat MY-102 aerobatic and towing aircraft, two-seat MY-103 in Standard and Basic Trainer variants, and four-seat MY-104 for touring, IFR training and other uses. All are low-wing monoplanes based on a common modular design, with interchangeable sub-structures. See Leichtflugzeuge-Entwicklungen Dipl Ing Hermann Mylius.

Nagler ROLZ (Allemagne)
NR.54/55 Сверхлегкий вертолет NR.54/55 hélicoptère ultra-léger

NESTLER UND BREITFELD  see Erla Maschinenwerk GmbH. above

NFW (Allemagne) National-Flugzeug-Werke 
EI Истребитель EI Fighter
E.II Истребитель E. Fighter II

Three German aircraft manufacturers, Hamburger Flugzeugbau, Siebel-Werke ATG GmbH and Weser Flugzeugbau GmbH, formed this company to license-manufacture Nord N.2501 Noratlas transports for the Luftwaffe, the first flying in August 1958. 

Max Oertz, an established builder of yachts, entered the aircraft business in 1911. The company produced three examples of the mid-wing M1911-12 monoplane and a single developed M1912-13 model.

Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenwerke built six M1912 two-seat biplane observation aircraft for the German Army in 1912. The aircraft was broadly similar to the French Caudron G series.

Small company which built P-300 Equator six-seat STOL amphibian (first flown 1970). Its single Lycoming engine drove a pusher propeller at the end of the fuselage, behind the T-tail. A turboprop version, the P.400 Turbo Equator, suffered an accident during tests in 1977, by which time company had already been renamed Equator, and work continued into 1980s.

Alfons Pützer KG known primarily as sailplane manufacturer; produced an improved motorized version of the Doppelraab sailplane, known as the Elster in 1957. Small batch produced for German club use. Alfons Pützerand Comte Antoine d'Assche, director of the French company Alpavia SA, formed a new company in 1966, Sportavia-Pützer, to produce the Fournier series of light aircraft.

Panavia (Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Italie)
TORNADO ECR Тактический ударный самолет РЭБ TORNADO ECR aéronefs de frappe tactique CÉR
TORNADO F.2 (ADV) Всепогодный дальний перехватчик TORNADO F.2 (ADV) en tout temps d'interception à longue distance
TORNADO F.3 Всепогодный дальний перехватчик TORNADO F.3 tous temps à long rayon d'interception
TORNADO GR.1 (IDS) Ударный тактический истребитель TORNADO Gr.1 (IDS) Impact tactique de combat
TORNADO GR.1A Ударно-разведывательный истребитель TORNADO GR.1A Shock-reconnaissance de combat
TORNADO GR.1B Морской ударный истребитель TORNADO GR.1B Revue Morskoj percussion de combat
TORNADO GR.4 Ударный тактический истребитель TORNADO Gr.4 impact tactiques de combat

Offers kits to construct PUL10 two-seat flying-wing monoplane, derived from Canadian Ultraflight Lazair and PUL 9 and formerly known as Nike Aerdelta PUL 10 in Italy.

Offers kits to construct Pretty Flight two-seat high-wing cabin microlight.

Pfalz (Allemagne)
Dr.I Истребитель Dr.I Fighter
D.III Истребитель D. Fighter III
D.ХII Истребитель