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La Yougoslavie (Jugoslavija dans les langues slaves, en cyrillique Југославија, signifiant pays des Slaves du Sud en serbo-croate) était le nom d'un État d'Europe du Sud-Est ayant existé sous différentes formes entre 1918 et 2003 et ayant regroupé les actuels pays de Slovénie, Croatie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Monténégro, Serbie, Macédoine, ainsi que le Kosovo, région autonome de la Serbie dont l'indépendance auto-proclamée le 17 février 2008 n'est reconnue que partiellement par la communauté internationale.

 wiki-fr Histoire complexe.   wiki-en    Yugoslav Air Force    Yugoslavia Air Force ==> décembre 1912  
Note : L’ex-Yougoslavie comprenait l’actuelle Slovénie, la Croatie, la  Bosnie-Herzégovine, le Monténégro, la Macédoine et l’actuelle Yougoslavie qui comprend la Serbie, la Voïvodine et le Kosovo
dont l'indépendance n'est pas unanimement reconnue.).  Sur la carte, la Yougoslavie actuelle est représentée en vert.  Toutefois, les frontières de l’ex-Yougoslavie sont facilement repérables, car elles sont identifiées par un trait orange.


ATZ (Yougoslavie) Aero Kluba Zagreb - ATZ Anton Tsvetkovichem 
CA-51 sport avion léger 1951 
FIZIR (Yougoslavie) Fizir Nastavni par Rudolf Fizirom designer 
 Fizir FN auxiliaires polyvalents avion   1930 
FP Formation avion 1929 
IKARUS (Yougoslavie)
213 VIHOR formation avion
214 avions de formation
452 Experimental avion
453 (P-453-MW) Experimental avion
AERO 2 Formation des avions
K-2 Fighter 1935
IK-3 Fighter
IK-5 de combat lourds
Kurir auxiliaires polyvalents avion
MM-2 Formation des avions
Orkan Bomber-agent
S-49 Fighter

Formed at Novi Sad in 1923, Ikarus was one of the country's largest aircraft manufacturers. Initial production centered on a number of S.M. training flying-boats, followed by a military type I.O. In 1926 the company acquired a license to build the Potez 25 biplane, and established a new factory at Zemun for its production.

LETALSKI INSTITUT 'BRANKO IVANUS' SLOVENIJA  The former Letalski Konstrukcijski Biro (q.v.) and Institut LZS "Branko Ivanus", which combined in about 1968. Built L-200D under license.

Lubljana aircraft design office founded in 1947 on an amateur basis by students of the Higher Technical School. Designed KB-6 Matajur, two-seat trainer and tourer, in production in the 1950s

==> Letalski Institut "Branko Ivanus" Slovenija.  The former Letalski Konstrukcijski Biro (q.v.) and Institut LZS "Branko Ivanus", which combined in about 1968. Built L-200D under license.

==>  Letalski Konstrukcijski Biro. Lubljana aircraft design office founded in 1947 on an amateur basis by students of the Higher Technical School. Designed KB-6 Matajur, two-seat trainer and tourer, in production in the 1950s.

First aircraft factory in Yugoslavia, established in 1925 for construction of military types under license. PSFA produced indigenous Rogozarski two-seat reconnaissance biplane in early 1930s, powered by Walter Castor engine. Series of aircraft for Yugoslav Air Force followed, but the Rogozarski factory was destroyed in Second World War. In 1946 the remnants of the Rogozarski, Ikarus, and Zmaj companies were brought into the government aircraft factories and resumed production.

see Prva Srpska above.


ROGOZARSKI (Yougoslavie) Rogozarski Ikarus 
BRUCOS (freshman) Formation avion
IK-2 Fighter
IK-3 Fighter
IK-5 de combat lourds
P-100, avion de formation
R-313-attaque Bomber avion
SIM-X Formation avion
SIM.XIV hydravion-agent


SOKO (Yougoslavie)
 522 avions de formation
J-1 Multi-JASTREB plan d'attaque
J-5 JASTREB Multi-attaque avion
J-20 de l'avion d'attaque polyvalent KRAGUJ
J-22 Orao avion d'attaque polyvalent
G-2 Galeb Lightweight Multi-attaque avion
G-4 Super Galeb avion léger polyvalent attaque
SL 40 LISKA Motoplaner

SOKO 3    G-2 "Galeb"  J-1 "Jastreb"   G-4 "Super Galeb" 
Founded October 1950, and produced license-built Westland Whirlwind helicopters. Designed the G-2A Galeb two-seat armed jet basic trainer (first flown 1961), produced for the Yugoslav Air Force and for export; the J-1/RJ-1 Jastreb attack and reconnaissance versions of Galeb; the P-2 Kraguj piston-engined counterinsurgency aircraft (first flown 1966); the G-4 Super Galeb jet trainer (first flown July 1978); built the Aerospatiale/Westland

SOKO G-4 ''Super Galeb''
G-4 "Super Galeb"
(q.v.) Gazelle helicopter under license in several versions, including Partizan, GAMA antiarmor model and HERA reconnaissance model; and joined lAv Craiova (q.v.) of Romania in development/ production of J-22 Orao/IAR-93 attack aircraft (first flown 1974 but out of production before all deliveries made, due to regional conflict). Privatized 1991, at which time extensive subcontract work included components/ assemblies for Airbus, ATR, Dassault, de Havilland, EMBRAER, Eurocopter, McDonnell Douglas and Tupoiev commercial aircraft. Did not go out of business during regional conflict that followed, but had short periods of inactivity during the worst of the troubles. See Soko Air Ltd for 1998 restructure


UTVA (Yougoslavie)
AERO 3 Avions
Entraîneur Lasta légères et de petit avion de frappe
 UTVA-75 avions cible

Utva produced light utility aircraft, including the Utva 56 four-seater, first flown in 1956, and thereafter developed through a number of U60 air-taxi/tourer/freight/agricultural/ ambulance and floatplane versions. The Utva 65 was originally an agricultural aircraft, developed as the U66 to serve various utility roles and including the armed U66V version. The Utva 75 two-seat trainer/glider-tug/agricultural aircraft entered production in late 1970s. Lasta 1 tandem two-seat piston-engined trainer first flew September 1985 but was superseded before production by the design of the refined Lasta 2. Development started of Utva 95 agricultural aircraft, probably based on Utva 75. Formerly fabricated components for the IAR-93/J-22 Orao and Super Galeb programmes, and produced items for various Boeing airliners.

Vazduhoplovno-Tehnici Institut undertook design work on the Romanian/Yugoslav IAR-93/J-22 Orao attack aircraft program.


Zmaj (Yougoslavie)
R-1 Бомбардировщик-штурмовик R-1 Bomber-attaque avion


Zucenko (Yougoslavie)
AEROSTATOPLAN Экспериментальный самолет Experimental AEROSTATOPLAN avion

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