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Based in Kaunas, this company developed the LAK-X lightplane, which is built by Avia Baltika

Incorporated 1991 and founded from the Kaunas helicopter service and repair factory, currently markets in assembled and kit forms the two-seat composites LAK-X lightplane (first flown 1992 and developed by Aeroplastika). Other work includes overhaul of helicopters and aviation equipment/components, aircraft leasing, transport operations, and rescue work using company-owned Mil helicopters


DOBI I Легкий самолет Dobi je avions légers 1922
DOBI II Самолет-разведчик Dobi Airplane II-agent 1923 
DOBI III Истребитель Dobi Fighter III 1923

he Lithuanian Army's aircraft factory, responsible for the construction of the Anbo 41, a two-seat day/night observation aircraft, and the Anbo 51 two-seat trainer, both monoplanes

First flew in 1989 the VK-8 Ausra two-seat agricultural aircraft.

Based at Kaunas, Kovno, and building its own-design light aircraft from 1922. After the death of the designer, Lieutenant Dobkevicius, the company built training and reconnaissance aircraft for the army


RAOB (Lituanie)
ANBO-I Легкий многоцелевой самолет RAOB-I avion léger polyvalent 1925 
ANBO-II Легкий многоцелевой самолет RAOB-II avion léger polyvalent
ANBO-III Учебно-тренировочный самолет RAOB-III Avions
ANBO IV Многоцелевой штурмовик RAOB IV Multi-attaque avion
ANBO-41 Учебно-тренировочный самолет RAOB-41, avion de formation
ANBO-V Учебно-тренировочный самолет RAOB-V de formation avion
ANBO-51 Учебно-тренировочный самолет RAOB-51 avions de formation
ANBO-VI Учебно-тренировочный самолет RAOB-VI appareil de formation
ANBO VIII Многоцелевой штурмовик RAOB VIII Multi-attaque avion


LAK-11 NIDA Спортивный планер LAK-11 planeurs NIDA Sports
LAK-12 LIETUVA Спортивный планер LAK-12 planeurs LIETUVA Sports
LAK-15 LIETUVA Спортивный планер LAK-15 planeurs LIETUVA Sports
LAK-17 LITHUANIA Спортивный планер LAK-17 planeurs LITHUANIA Sports
LAK-19 STANDART Спортивный планер LAK-19 planeurs STANDART Sports

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Many nations gave birth to aviation and the pioneers who propelled its stunning successes. To recognize these contributions, we asked the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) to have each ICAS country identify its pioneers and present the story of its national achievements in aerospace. 
The notable figures profiled here are but a few examples of those who could be considered. If you feel your country or its pioneers are not sufficiently represented and you have the history to share, please contact Sharon Grace.
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