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ITALIE (aeromobili)  wiki-fr  wiki-en  Italia Air force    Storia del trasporto aereo italiano  Aircraft Directory: Italy   

Formed shortly before the Second World War to build a two-seat roadable monoplane.

Aeritalia (Италия) (Italie)
F-104S STARFIGHTER Многоцелевой истребитель F-104S Starfighter de combat polyvalent wiki 
G222 Военно-транспортный самолет общего назначения G222 avion de transport militaire, général wiki 
    Formed 12 November 1969 by equal shareholding of Fiat and IRI-Finmeccanica to combine Fiat aerospace activities (except engines) and those of Aerfer and Salmoiraghi. Fully operational January 1972. In September 1976 IRIFinmeccanica bought Aeritaiia stock owned by Fiat. Had cooperation agreement with Boeing. Then comprised Combat Aircraft, Transport Aircraft, and
    Aeritalia G.222
    Diversified Activities Groups. Main products were Aeritaiia G91Y twin-jet development of very successful single-jet Fiat G91; Aeritaiia G222 twin-turboprop high-wing transport (first flown 1970); Aeritaiia (Lockheed) F-104S serving with Italian and Turkish Air Forces (delivered from 1969). Took control of Partenavia in 1981-1992 under its General Aviation Group. As Panavia partner, designed and developed variable-geometry wing and other important features of Tornado multirole aircraft. Became partner in AMX program (see AMX International), and joined Aerospatiale of France in establishing ATR. Merged with Selenia in December 1990 to form Alenia Aerospazio. 

    Founded 1982 by Aerospatiale of France and Alenia of Italy to develop twin-turboprop regional transport aircraft. Initial ATR 42 42/48-seat airliner or freighter first flown August 1984, with production deliveries from 1989. Followed by larger ATR 72 for 66-74 passengers (first flown October 1988 and also delivered from 1989). Both also available in Maritime Patrol form. ATR 52C civil/military multipurpose transport still to fly at time of writing, as shorter derivative of ATR 72 with rear loading ramp for easy access to hold for bulk freight or vehicles. Consideration being given to development of twin-turbofan regional airliners, initially as 70-passenger Airjet 70, with follow-up 58-passenger Airjet 58 and possibly 84-passenger Airjet 84.

    Alenia Aerospazio
    Founded December 1990 by merger of Aeritalia and Selenia. Has undertaken modernization of Aeritalia-produced F-104ASAs to improve weapon systems and maintainability. Participates in the Airbus A321, AMX, ATR, Eurofighter, FLA, and Tornado programs, plus the Dassault Falcon 2000. Provides continuing production and support for the G222 (most importantly now as the Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport System C-27J Spartan in association with Lockheed Martin of the USA), produces aerostructures for the MD-11 and 717 airliners for Boeing, conducts modification and maintenance programs for commercial and military aircraft, and takes part in space programs among other activities.

AR Ударный БПЛА AR Impact BPLA
AL.60 CONESTOGA (TROJAN) Легкий многоцелевой самолет AL.60 CONESTOGA (TROJAN) avion léger polyvalent
АМ.3 Самолет целеуказания AM.3 avion cible
AEM-130 Учебно-боевой самолет AEM-130, avion de guerre de formation
AMX Многоцелевой штурмовик AMX avion multi-attaque
AMX-Т Многоцелевой штурмовик AMX-T Multi-attaque avion
M-290 TP REDIGO Учебно-тренировочный самолет M-290 TP REDIGO Avions
M.346 Учебно-боевой самолет M.346 Formation avion de guerre
MB-326 Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MB-326 avion léger polyvalent attaque
MB-326В Учебно-боевой самолет MB-326V formation avion de guerre
MB-326GB Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MB-326GB attaque avion léger polyvalent
MB-326K Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MB-326K léger multi-attaque avion
МВ.339A Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MV.339A légère Multi-attaque avion
МВ.339C Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MV.339C légère Multi-attaque avion
МВ.339CD Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MV.339CD légère Multi-attaque avion
МВ.339FD Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MV.339FD légère Multi-attaque avion
МВ.339К Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик MV.339K légère Multi-attaque avion
MB.339PAN Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation MB.339PAN avion

AERMACCHI 2      MB.326  MB.339  
Name for Macchi after 1961, as a subsidiary of Aeronautica Macchi (see Macchi entry for MB.326 program). Production began 1960 of Aermacchi-Lockheed AL.60 light cabin monoplane, built under rights obtained from Lockheed of USA. 1981 reorganization of Aeronautica Macchi into a holding company, with Aermacchi SpA as a

Aermacchi MB.339
subsidiary undertaking aircraft activities. First flight in August 1976 of current MB-339 jet trainer and light attack aircraft, while in 1996 Aermacchi took over L-90TP RediGO from Valmet of Finland (since redesignated M-290TP RediGO). In January 1997 Aermacchi acquired SIAI Marchetti, inheriting the S211 jet trainer and SF260 piston/turboprop light aircraft. Partner programs include the AMX combat aircraft with EMBRAER of Brazil and Alenia of Italy (see AMX International), and Yak/Aem-130 jet trainer with Yakovlev of Russia. Other work includes production of major components and assemblies for foreign military and commercial aircraft.


AGUSTA (Италия) (Italie)
AB.47 SUPER RANGER Многоцелевой вертолет RANGER SUPER AB.47 hélicoptère polyvalent
A.101 Многоцелевой вертолет A.101 hélicoptère polyvalent
АB.102 Транспортно-десантный вертолет Transport AB.102 d'atterrissage pour hélicoptères
А.106 Противолодочный вертолет A.106 anti hélicoptère
A.109 HIRUNDO Многоцелевой вертолет A.109 Hirundo hélicoptère polyvalent
A.109K HIRUNDO Многоцелевой ударный вертолет A.109K Hirundo hélicoptère de combat polyvalent
A.109К2 HIRUNDO Многоцелевой вертолет Hirundo A.109K2 hélicoptère polyvalent
A.119 KOALA Многоцелевой вертолет A.119 KOALA hélicoptère polyvalent
А.129 MANGUSTA Многоцелевой ударный вертолет A.129 Mangusta Multi hélicoptère d'attaque
А.129 CBT Многоцелевой ударный вертолет A.129 CBT Multi hélicoptère d'attaque
А.129 INT Многоцелевой ударный вертолет A.129 INT Multi hélicoptère d'attaque
AB.139 Многоцелевой вертолет AB.139 hélicoptère polyvalent
А.139 LBH Многоцелевой ударный вертолет A.139 LBH Multi hélicoptère d'attaque
АВ.205 Многоцелевой вертолет AV.205 hélicoptère polyvalent
AB.206 Многоцелевой вертолет AB.206 hélicoptère polyvalent
AB.212 Многоцелевой вертолет AB.212 hélicoptère polyvalent
AB.212 ASV/ASW Противолодочный вертолет AB.212 ASV / ASW anti-hélicoptère
АВ.214 Многоцелевой вертолет AV.214 hélicoptère polyvalent
АВ.412 GRIFONE Многоцелевой вертолет AV.412 Grifone hélicoptère polyvalent
ASH-3 Многоцелевой вертолет ASH-3 Multi-hélicoptère
AS-61 Поисково-спасательный вертолет AS-61 de recherche et de sauvetage en hélicoptère
BA609 TILTROTOR Многоцелевой конвертоплан BA609 Tiltrotor Multi konvertoplan

Costruzioni Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta SpA. Foundations of the company were laid in 1907, when Giovanni Agusta built his first airplane. Several more built before First World War. Firm revived 1923, specializing in light aircraft; Ag.2 of 1927 was a small parasol monoplane, AZ-10 twin-engined civil transport of 1954 was designed by Filippo Zappata (noted for his work with CANT and Breda). After Second World War built fixed-wing four-seater. In 1952 Agusta was granted a license to build Bell Model 47 helicopters. First Agusta-built example flew May 1954, and over 1,200 were built before production ended in mid- 1970s. The company also produced Bell Iroquois models as Agusta-Bell 204B and 205, twin-engined Model 212 (still offered as AB-212 Naval/Skyshark) and Model 206 JetRanger (still offered as AB-206B JetRanger III) helicopters. In 1967, under Sikorsky license, production of SH-3D helicopters began, and in 1974 production of HH- 3F (S-61R); production of final HH-3F Combat SAR version lasted into mid-1990s. Together with Elicotteri Meridionali, SIAI-Marchetti, and other Italian companies, Agusta became involved in production of the Boeing Vertol CH-47C Chinook. Other license-built helicopters include AB-412EP/Griffon/Maritime Patrol versions of the Bell 412EP and Griffon, AMD-500E version of the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) MD 500E, and Agusta-Boeing 520N NOTAR helicopter.

Agusta-designed helicopters include the twin-turboshaft A109 civil/military multipurpose type (flown August 1971), A 119 Koala single-turboshaft wide-body helicopter (first flown February 1995), and A129 Mangusta tandem two-seat attack helicopter (first flown September 1983) and its more-powerful International variant with five-blade main rotor as standard (first flown January 1995). Partnered with GKN Westland on the EH 101 helicopter program (see E.H. Industries Ltd.) and with Eurocopter Deutschland, Eurocopter, and Fokker on NH Industries NH90 helicopter. 

Elicotteri Meridionali 
Formed by Agusta in 1963 as part of industrialization program in south Italy, operating Frosinone factory, which opened in October 1967, overhauling helicopters for Italian services. In April 1968 concluded agreement for license production of Boeing-Vertol CH-47C Chinook for Italian Army and for Iran. Also developed Agusta-designed EMA124 three-seat helicopter based on Agusta-Bell 47. Now known simply as Sesto Calende (VA) facility of Agusta. 
The former Savoia-Marchetti company (see below Societa Idrovolanti Alta Italia), the history of which it shares. Since 1946 engaged in overhaul and repair work and developed new aircraft. Types have included SA.202 Bravo trainer produced jointly with FFA in Switzerland; S.205

SIAI-Marchetti S.205, S.208
S.205, S.208
four-seater and S.208 development. First flew SF.250 aerobatic trainer in July 1964; became highly successful SF.260 production aircraft for civil and military use (initials in SF.260 denoted design by Stelio Frati). In 1968 company formed a Vertical Flight Division, but increasing helicopter work became associated with Agusta and Eli— cotteri Meridionale. SM.1019 light multipurpose high-wing monoplane followed 1969, SF.600 Canguro transport 1979 (recently taken over by VulcanAir, see below), and S211 jet trainer and light attack aircraft 1981. Company taken over by Aermacchi January 1997. 
S.M.102  FN.333  SF.260  S.205, S.208  S.M.1019  S.210  S.211  SF-600TP


ALENIA (Италия) (Italie)    1990
F-104ASA STARFIGHTER Многоцелевой истребитель F-104ASA Starfighter de combat polyvalent

Founded December 1990 by merger of Aeritalia and Selenia. Has undertaken modernization of Aeritalia-produced F-104ASAs to improve weapon systems and maintainability. Participates in the Airbus A321, AMX, ATR, Eurofighter, FLA, and Tornado programs, plus the Dassault Falcon 2000. Provides continuing production and support for the G222 (most importantly now as the Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport System C-27J Spartan in association with Lockheed Martin of the USA), produces aerostructures for the MD-11 and 717 airliners for Boeing, conducts modification and maintenance programs for commercial and military aircraft, and takes part in space programs among other activities.

Ambrosini (Италия) (Italie)  AMBROSINI  1939
AL-12P Транспортно-десантный планер AL-12P Transport atterrissage planeur
SAI.2S Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет SAI.2S avion polyvalent de formation
SAI.3 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет SAI.3 avion polyvalent de formation
S.7 Легкий многоцелевой самолет Multi S.7 avions légers
SAI 107 Истребитель SAI 107 Fighter
SAI 207 Истребитель SAI 207 Fighter
SAI 403 DARDO Истребитель SAI 403 Dardo Fighter
SS4 Истребитель SS4 Fighter
SUPER S.7 Легкий многоцелевой самолет SUPER S.7 avion léger polyvalent
S.1001 GRIFO Легкий вспомогательный самолет S.1001 Grifo avion léger

AMBROSINI   1939  S.A.I.3  S.7  S.S.4  S.107  S.207  S.403  Sagittario  Sagittario II  Ariete  
After incorporation of Societa Aeronautica Italians with Ing A. Ambrosini & Cie (Ambrosini was a pioneer pilot), specialized in fast tourers and sporting monoplanes, though SA11 was biplane. SAI 7 held speed record in its category. S.S.4 was experimental tail-first fighter.

Ambrosini S.7
SAI207 was light fighter, developed during war. Smooth wooden construction and very clean design gave high performance on low power (as in company's sporting types) and 2,000 were ordered, though only 13 completed, type being replaced for proposed production of SAI 403, work on which finished at war's end. Intended subcontractors were Savoia-Marchetti and Caproni. In 1948 S1001 Grifo broke more records. S 7 delivered in small numbers and developed into outstanding Super S 7 (1950s). F 7 Rondone was 3/4-seat cabin tourer.


ANSALDO (Италия) (Italie) 1917  
A.1 BALILLA Истребитель A.1 Balilla Fighter
A-120 ADY Разведывательный самолет A-120 avions ADY
AC2 Истребитель AC2 Fighter
AC3 Истребитель AC3 Fighter
SVA.5 PRIMO Разведчик-бомбардировщик PRIMO SVA.5 scout-bombardier
SVA.9(10) Разведчик-бомбардировщик SVA.9 (10) scout-bombardier

Aeronautica Ansaido SA established late in First World War by engineering and shipbuilding firm of Gio. Ansaido (formed 1896). After the war a separate company was formed, Societa Aninima Aeronautica, Turin, though title was variously rendered. Ansaido achieved aeronautical eminence in 1917 by providing a single-seat fighter of original Italian design (Italy having previously used French types). Aircraft was A-1 Balilla. About 150 built; others, license-built in Poland, served well into 1920s. S.V.A.5 was also a fighter, though more notable for fast reconnaissance flights and record-breaking, which had Warrentruss wing bracing, later a characteristic of Fiat biplanes. Before Ansaido merged completely with Fiat, in 1925, company built A.300 two/three-seat multipurpose biplane, extensively produced and used. Hydrofoils fitted to a seaplane development of S.V.A.5 presaged later developments in UK and USA. Initials S.V. signified Savoia Verducci. Ansaldo/Fiat links were implicit in name Rosatelli. Pomilio name also linked by 1918 takeover

ATR (Италия, Франция) (Italie, France)
ATR42-300 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет ATR42-300 avions de transport de passagers moyen
ATR42-320 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет ATR42-320 avions de transport de passagers moyen
ATR42-500 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет ATR42-500 avions de transport de passagers moyen
ATR72-200 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет ATR72-200 avions de transport de passagers moyen
ATR72-210 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет ATR72-210 avions de transport de passagers moyen
ATR72-500 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет ATR72-500 avions de transport de passagers moyen
AVIA (Италия) (Italie) AVIA 1939
LM.02 Ударный планер LM.02 impact planeur
Bestetti (Italie)
BN.1 Экспериментальный самолет Experimental BN.1 avion double fuselage 1940
A.1 Легкий самолет A.1 avions légers 1924
A.3 Ночной бомбардировщик A.3 bombardier de nuit
A.4 Легкий самолет A.4 avions légers
A.7 Самолет-разведчик A.7 Airplane-agent
A.8 Ночной бомбардировщик A.8 bombardier de nuit
A.9 Учебно-тренировочный самолет A.9 Formation avion
A.10 Учебно-тренировочный самолет A.10 formation avion
A.14 Ночной бомбардировщик A.14 bombardier de nuit
Ba.15 Легкий самолет Ba.15 d'avions légers
Ba.16 Самолет-разведчик Avion Ba.16-agent
Ba .19 Легкий спортивный самолет Ba ,19 Light avion sport
Ba.25 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ba.25 avion
Ba.26 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ba.26 avion
Ва.27 Истребитель Va.27 Fighter
Ba.28 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ba.28 avion
Ba.32 Транспортный самолет Ba.32 avions de transport
Ba.33 Легкий спортивный самолет Ba.33 Light Sport avion
Ba.39 Легкий многоцелевой самолет Ba.39 avion léger polyvalent
Ba.44 Транспортный самолет Ba.44 avions de transport
Ba.46 Средний бомбардировщик Ba.46 moyen bombardier
Ва.64 Штурмовик Va.64 plan d'attaque
Ва.65 Штурмовик Va.65 plan d'attaque
Ba.75 Разведчик-бомбардировщик Ba.75 scout-bombardier
Ba.82 Средний бомбардировщик Ba.82 moyen bombardier
Ba.88 LINCE Легкий бомбардировщик Ba.88 LINCE Light bombardier
Ba.201 Пикирующий бомбардировщик Ba.201 plongée-bombardier
Ba.205 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ba.205 avion
BZ.308 Дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолет BZ.308 long avions de transport de passagers
CC.20 Тяжелый бомбардировщик CC.20 bombardier
BREDA  3    Ba.25  Ba.65  Ba.88 Lince
A large industrial concern based in Milan, Societa Italiano Ernesto Breda began the construction of aircraft in 1917. In the immediate postFirst World War years, when no production aircraft were being built, concentrated on research and constructed a number of experimental aircraft. Began the construction of all-metal aircraft in 1922. Production aircraft have included Breda 15 two-seat lightweight
Breda Ba.65
sporting aircraft of 1930, Breda 25 and 28 training biplanes, and the Breda 33 two-seat sports monoplane of 1932, from which time production concentrated mainly on military aircraft. These included Breda Ba 27 single-seat monoplane fighters, which equipped a squadron of the Chinese Air Force in 1937; Ba 65 one/two-seat fighterbomber/ reconnaissance monoplane, which saw service in the Spanish Civil War; Ba 88 Lince twin-engined medium attack bomber, produced also by Meridionali, see below under subcontract. Breda also built a number of Junkers Ju 87Bs under license as the Breda 201 Picchiatelli before suspension of production soon after the Italian surrender.


CANSA (Italie)
C.5 Учебно-тренировочный самолет C.5 Formation avion
FC.12 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation FC.12 avion
FC.20 Многоцелевой истребитель FC.20 polyvalente Fighter

Name of Costruzioni Aeronautiche Novaresi SA assumed May 1,1936 by former Aeronautica Gabardini SA. Head office and factory at Cameri; began with repair and maintenance work on aircraft and engines. First product was C.5 single-engined one/two-seat training biplane (Fiat or Alfa Romeo engine), built in some numbers in late 1930s for civil market. The C.6 was a less successful development. CANSA then became subsidiary of Fiat, see below,  producing small numbers of F.C.12 fighter/trainer monoplane (first flown 1940) and also the F.C.20 twin-engined ground- attack aircraft. 
Aeronautica Gabardini SA. Manufactured a 80 hp rotary-engined two-seat monoplane at Novara in 1913, used for a non-stop flight between Milan and Venice. Company subsequently opened factory at Cameri in 1914 to build a military version of this monoplane, powered by a smaller engine. Also built biplane trainers. Nothing more heard of company until it produced a two-seat light cabin monoplane, the Lictor 90, in 1935.

CANT (Italie)  Cantieri Navale Triestino created 1923
Z.501 GABBIANO Летающая лодка Z.501 GABBIANO Flying Boat
Z.505 Транспортный гидросамолет Z.505 Transport d'hydravions
Z.506 AIRONE Гидросамолет Z.506 AIRONE hydravion
Z.508 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Le bateau battant multi Z.508
Z.509 Транспортный гидросамолет Z.509 Transport d'hydravions
Z.511 Транспортный гидросамолет Z.511 Transport d'hydravions
Z.515 Бомбардировщик-разведчик Z.515 Bomber-agent
Z.516 Бомбардировщик-гидросамолет Z.516-Bomber hydravion
Z.1007 ALCIONE Средний бомбардировщик Alcione Z.1007 moyen bombardier
Z.1010 BALILLA Легкий транспортный самолет Z.1010 Balilla avions légers de transport
Z.1011 Средний бомбардировщик Z.1011 moyen bombardier
Z.1012 Транспортный самолет Z.1012 avions de transport
Z.1015 Транспортный самолет Z.1015 avions de transport
Z.1018 LEONE Средний бомбардировщик Bombardier moyen Z.1018 LEONE

Company originally called Cantieri Navale Triestino created 1923 as subsidiary of Cantieri Navali di Monfalcone to manufacture civil/military marine aircraft. Most designs produced between 1923-1930 were work of R. Conflenti, including such flying-boats as Cant 6 three-engined biplane bomber; Cant 6 ter, commercial transport version; Cant 7, 7 bis and 7 ter single-engined trainer biplanes; Cant 10 and 10 ter five/six-seat single-engined light transport biplanes; Cant 18 trainer; Cant 22 three-engined eight/ten-seat commercial transport; Cant 25 single-seat fighter. Landplanes included Cant 23 transport and Cant 36 trainer.

Company changed its name in 1931 to Cantiere Riuniti dell'Adriatico. Chief designer Filippo Zappata (formerly of Bleriot) completely reorganized the company 19331936. From 1934 most aircraft had Z prefixes, marine aircraft being numbered in 500 series, beginning with Z.501 Gabbiano biplane reconnaissance/bomber, first flown 1934. Followed by Z.504 two-seat fighter biplane flying- boat and Z.505 twin-float three-engined monoplane, both 1935. Latter developed into Z.506 (1936), built as reconnaissance/ bomber/ASR for Regia Aeronautica (Z.506B Airone) and as commercial transport for Italian airlines (Z.506A and C). Landplane version built by Piaggio, see below. Built Z.508 and Z.509, monoplane flying-boat bombers, and world's largest floatplane: Z.511 four-engined trans- Atlantic mail/freight variant, first flown 1943. The Z.515 twin-engined twin-float monoplane (coastal reconnaissance), built 1938-1939.

Landplanes (designated in 1000 series) included Z.1007 and 1007 bis Alcione three-engined bomber; Z.1011 twin-engined medium bomber/transport; Z.1012 three-engined transport; Z.1015 three-engined derivative of Z1017 bis, first flown January 1939 and used in torpedo trials early in the Second World War. Final type was Z.1018 Leone, twin-engined medium bomber intended to replace Alcione, probably Italy's best wartime design but too late to see service. Did not continue aircraft manufacture in the post-war period.

Caproni (Italie) Italy's oldest  
AP.1 Штурмовик AP.1 plan d'attaque
Cа.1 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.1 bombardier
Cа.2 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.2 bombardier
Cа.3 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.3 bombardier
Cа.4 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.4 bombardier
Cа.5 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.5 bombardier
Ca.20 Истребитель Ca.20 Fighter
Cа.30 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.30 bombardier
Cа.31 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.31 bombardier
Cа.36 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.36 bombardier
Cа.42 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.42 bombardier
Ca.60 Транспортная летающая лодка Ca.60 transport bateau battant
 *** vidéo le géant hydravion Ca.60   
Ca.73 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.73 bombardier
Ca.74 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.74 bombardier
Ca.79 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.79 bombardier
Ca.80 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.80 bombardier
Ca.82 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.82 bombardier
Ca.87 POLONIA Дальняя летающая лодка POLONIA Ca.87 Extrême bateau battant
Ca.88 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.88 bombardier
Ca.89 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.89 bombardier
Ca.90 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.90 bombardier
Ca.97 Многоцелевой транспортный самолет Ca.97 avion de transport polyvalent
Ca.100 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ca.100 avion
Ca.101 Дальний бомбардировщик-разведчик Loin Ca.101 bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.102 Дальний бомбардировщик-разведчик Loin Ca.102 bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.103 Тяжелый бомбардировщик Ca.103 bombardier
Ca.111 Дальний бомбардировщик-разведчик Loin Ca.111 bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.113 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ca.113 avion
Ca.114 Истребитель Ca.114 Fighter
Ca.132 Средний бомбардировщик-транспортник Ca.132 bombardier moyen de transport
Ca.133 Средний бомбардировщик-транспортник Ca.133 bombardier moyen de transport
Ca.134 Фронтовой разведчик Ca.134 Front scout
Ca.135 Средний бомбардировщик Ca.135 moyen bombardier
Ca.142 Средний бомбардировщик-транспортник Ca.142 bombardier moyen de transport
Ca.148 Средний бомбардировщик-транспортник Ca.148 bombardier moyen de transport
Ca.164 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ca.164 avion
Ca.165 Многоцелевой истребитель Ca.165 polyvalente Fighter
Ca.301 Штурмовик Ca.301 plan d'attaque
Ca.305 Штурмовик Ca.305 plan d'attaque
Ca.307 Штурмовик Ca.307 plan d'attaque
Ca.308 Штурмовик Ca.308 plan d'attaque
Ca.308 BOREA Пассажирский самолет Ca.308 Borea avions de transport de passagers
Ca.309 GHIBLI Транспортный самолет GHIBLI Ca.309 avions de transport
Ca.310 LIBECCIO Легкий бомбардировщик-разведчик Ca.310 LIBECCIO lumière bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.311 Легкий бомбардировщик-разведчик Ca.311 Light bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.312 Легкий бомбардировщик-разведчик Ca.312 Light bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.313 Легкий бомбардировщик-разведчик Ca.313 Light bombardier-éclaireur
Ca.314 Легкий бомбардировщик-торпедоносец Ca.314 bombardier léger de torpilles
Ca.316 Морской разведчик Ca.316 Naval agent de renseignement
Ca.331 RAFFICA Многоцелевой истребитель Ca.331 RAFFICA de combat polyvalent
Ca.335 MAESTRALE Истребитель-бомбардировщик Ca.335 MAESTRALE Fighter-bombardier
Ca.355 TUFFO Легкий пикирующий бомбардировщик Ca.355 TUFFO lumière de plongée-bombardier
Ca.405 PROCELLARIA Рекордный самолет Ca.405 Procellaria vol record
Ca.603 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ca.603 avion
CAPRONI-CAMPINI N.1 (CC.2) Экспериментальный истребитель Caproni-CAMPINI N.1 (CC.2) Fighter Pilot
QR.14 LEVRIERO Легкий многоцелевой самолет QR.14 LEVRIERO avion léger polyvalent
STIPA Экспериментальный самолет Stipa avion expérimental

CAPRONI 7    Ca.3  Ca.4  Ca.101  Ca 133  Ca.306/309/310/314  Vizzola F5  Campini N.1
Italy's oldest and, at one time, largest aircraft manufacturer, the Caproni group comprised more than 20 companies, of which the principal aircraft building members were Aeroplani Caproni Trento, Caproni Aeronautica Bergamasca, Caproni Vizzola SpA, Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica, Aeronautica Predappio SpA, and Officine Meccaniche Reggiane SpA. The Isotta-Fraschini aero- engine company was also part of the group.

Company's founder, Count Gianni Caproni di Taliedo, eight-engined 'triple-triplane' of 1921, intended to
Caproni Ca.3
carry built and flew his first aircraft in May 1910, thereafter 100 passengers. After formation of Regia Aeronautica in associating with various partners until First World War. 1923 Caproni achieved success with such military aircraft Achieved an international reputation with the Ca 1 -Ca 5 as the Ca 36, Ca 73 and Ca 74. The following decade pro- series of large tri-motor biplane and triplane bombers, duced the Ca 101, Ca 111, and Ca 133 range of built by a company called Societa per lo Sviluppo del-"Colonial"
Caproni Ca.4
aircraft and a series of multipurpose recon- I'Aviazione in Italia, with factories at Taliedo and Vizzola. naissance/light bomber/transport types, production of which was shared with the Bergamasca subsidiary. Early post-war publicity gained by Ca 60, an enormous which was shared with the Bergamasca subsidiary.

Cantieri Aeronautici Bergamaschi (see below) had been absorbed by Caproni in 1931. Initially built Ca 100 and Ca 101, then built the new aircraft to the designs of Ing Cesare Pallavicino. Major production types during 1934-1944 were A.P.1 single-seat fighter, followed by the family of
Caproni Ca.101
multi-purpose twin-engined aircraft: Ca 309 Ghibli; Ca310/310 bis Libeccio; Ca 311 Libeccio; Ca 312 bis Libeccio; Ca 314, and 316.

More than 2,500 examples of the Ca 100 training/touring biplane were built during the 1930s; the Ca 161 bis, a single-seat single-engined biplane, set an international altitude record of 17,083m that remains unbeaten today in its class. The Caproni-Campini CC-1 of 1940 was Italy's first and the world's second aircraft to fly by jet propulsion, though it was not powered by a turbine. During the Second World
Caproni Ca.306/309/310/314
War the company was chiefly concerned with the production and development of the Ca 310-Ca 314 multipurpose twin-engined aircraft and with the Reggiane Re. 2000-Re 2005 series of single- seat fighters. During the lifetime of the group some 180 different types were built, in addition to licensed construction of almost as many by other designers.

The parent company went bankrupt in 1950. Aeroplani Caproni Trento survived the bankruptcy and in May 1952 flew Italy's first postwar jet light aircraft, the F.5, designed by Dott Ing Stelio Frati.

Caproni Vizzola
Caproni Campini N.1 (CC.2)
Campini N.1
Costruzioni Aeronautiche SpA was formerly the Scuola Aviazione Caproni, the oldest flying school in Italy, and became the last surviving part of the company until bought by Agusta in 1983, producing the Calif series of sailplanes and finally the C22J Ventura two-seat very light basic trainer with two Microturbo turbojet engines, first flown 1980. Earlier it remodeled the Ca 133 for ambulance and military transport duties and assisted in production of the Breda Ba 65. Its first original design had been the F.4 single-seat fighter designed by Ing F Fabrizi, flown in 1940. Prototype F.6 had more powerful engine. 
Cantieri Aeronautici Bergamaschi Originally operator of a flying school, began in 1927 to build single-seat and two-seat training aircraft, the Bergamaschi C-1 and C-2 respectively, which incorporated improvements to facilitate flying training. These included a well-sprung landing gear and aerodynamic features to improve stability. Absorbed into Caproni group 1931 as Caproni Aeronautica Bergamasca.
Caproni-AV.IS (Italie)
С.4 Легкий вспомогательный самолет C.4 Light auxiliaire avion
Caproni Vizzola (Italie)
F.4 Истребитель F.4 Fighter
F.5 Истребитель F.5 Fighter
F.6 Истребитель F.6 Fighter
CNA (Italie)  Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica 1920  
PM.1 Многоцелевой вспомогательный самолет PM.1 auxiliaires polyvalents avion
Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica, founded in 1920 at Cerveteri Aerodrome, Rome, moving to CNA-owned Littorio civil airport (Rome), eventually becoming a member of Caproni group. Mainly a license builder of others' designs, but in mid/late 1930s own products included C.N.A.15 low-wing and C.N.A.25 high-wing four-seat cabin monoplanes (both CNA-engined). During 1939-1940 said to have produced PM1 two-seat high-wing monoplane with flat-four engine.

EHI (Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Italie)
AW 520 CORMORANT Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет AW 520 CORMORANT hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
CH-149 CORMORANT Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет CH-149 CORMORANT hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
ЕН-101 Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет FR-101 Multi-hélicoptère de transport
MERLIN НС Mk.3 Многоцелевой транспортный вертолет MERLIN NA Mk.3 hélicoptère de transport polyvalent
FIAT (Italie)   Renamed 1949 to succeed Aeronautica d'ltalia
BR Легкий бомбардировщик BR Light bombardier
BR.1 Легкий бомбардировщик BR.1 Light bombardier
BR.2 Легкий бомбардировщик BR.2 Light bombardier
BR.3 Легкий бомбардировщик BR.3 Light bombardier
BR.20 CICOGNA Средний бомбаpдиpовщик BR.20 CICOGNA moyenne bombapdipovschik
CR.1 Истребитель CR.1 Fighter
CR.10 Истребитель CR.10 Fighter
CR.20 Истребитель CR.20 Fighter
CR.20 IDRO Поплавковый истребитель CR.20 IDRO flotteur de chasse
СR.25 Фронтовой разведчик SR.25 Front scout
СR.30 Истребитель SR.30 Fighter
CR.32 Истребитель CR.32 Fighter
CR.33 Истребитель CR.33 Fighter
CR.42 FALCO Истребитель CR.42 FALCO Fighter
G.5 Легкий многоцелевой самолет G.5 avion léger polyvalent
G.8 Многоцелевой вспомогательный самолет G.8 auxiliaires polyvalents avion
G.12 Средний транспортный самолет G.12 Medium Transport Aircraft
G.18 Средний транспортный самолет G.18 Medium Transport Aircraft
G.46 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Avions G.46
G.50 FRECCIA Истребитель G.50 Freccia Fighter
G.55 CENTAURO Истребитель G.55 CENTAURO Fighter
G.55S Легкий торпедоносец G.55S torpille légère
G.56 Истребитель G.56 Fighter
G.59 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Avions G.59
G.80 Учебно-боевой самолет G.80 Formation avion de guerre
G.82 Учебно-боевой самолет G.82 Formation avion de guerre
G.91T/1 Учебно-тренировочный самолет G.91T / 1 Formation d'aéronefs
G.91T/3 Учебно-тренировочный самолет G.91T / 3 Formation d'aéronefs
G.91T/4 Учебно-тренировочный самолет G.91T / 4 Formation avion
G.212 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет G.212 moyen des avions de passagers
RS.14 Бомбардировщик-разведчик RS.14 Bomber-agent
FIAT, SOCIETA PER AZIONE 13     AS.1  AS.2  TR.1  CR.1  CR.20  CR.32  BR.20 "Cicogna"  CR.25  G.50 Freccia  CR.42 "Falco"  RS.14  G.12  G.55 "Centauro"
Renamed 1949 to succeed Aeronautica d'ltalia, see above,  inheriting its plant and program. (Fiat's Divisione Aviazione merged subsequently with Aerfer as Aeritalia, see above,  formed November 12,1969, fully operational January 1,1972.) Fiat G49 advanced trainer flown September 1952. G80 jet trainer with de Havilland Goblin 35
Fiat BR.20 Cicogna
BR.20 "Cicogna"
engine, first flown December 9,1951, was first postwar Italian jet aircraft. In conjunction with Macchi built 80 de Havilland Vampire FB.52As; built 221 F-86K all-weather fighters for Italy, France, and West Germany, first example completed June 1955. G91 adopted as NATO light tactical fighter; prototype flown August 9,1956 and several hundred built subsequently. Prototype of G91Y variant first flew December 27,1966; 65 built for Italian Air Force. License-built 205 F-104S Starfighters for Italian Air Force. G222 twin-turboprop military transport project initiated before establishment of Aeritalia.
IMAM (Italie)  
Ro.1 Разведчик-бомбардировщик Ro.1 scout-bombardier
Ro.37 Разведчик-бомбардировщик Ro.37 scout-bombardier
Ro.41 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation Ro.41 avion
Ro.43 Гидросамолет-разведчик Ro.43 hydravion-agent
Ro.44 истребитель-разведчик Ro.44 chasseurs-scout
Ro.51 Истребитель Ro.51 Fighter
Ro.57 Многоцелевой истребитель Ro.57 polyvalente Fighter
Ro.58 Многоцелевой истребитель Ro.58 polyvalente Fighter
Ro.63 Вспомогательный самолет Support Ro.63 avion
==> Meridionali.  Succeeded Societa Aninima Industrie Aeronautiche Romeo, which had been formed in 1934 to absorb Officine Ferroviarie Meridionali's aviation activities; became part of Societa Italiana Ernesto Breda group. Developed Ro.37 two-seat reconnaissance biplane which served October 1936 with Italian Aviacion Legionaria during Spanish Civil War and equipped Italian Air Force reconnaissance units during Second World War. Also used operationally were Ro.43 two-seat, single-float catapult seaplane and single-seat fighter version, Ro.44.
JONA (Italie)
J.6 Учебно-тренировочный самолет J.6 formation avion 1936
LMATTS (USA, Italie)
C-27J SPARTAN Тактический военно-транспортный самолет C-27J SPARTAN avion de transport militaire tactique
LOMBARDA (Italie)  Lombarda, Ambrosini
AL-12P Транспортно-десантный планер AL-12P Transport atterrissage planeur
MACCHI (Italie) 1912  
L.1 Разведывательная летающая лодка L.1 vol de reconnaissance en bateau 1915
L.2 Разведывательная летающая лодка L.2 vol de reconnaissance en bateau
L.3 Разведывательная летающая лодка L.3 vol de reconnaissance en bateau
М.3 Разведывательная летающая лодка M.3 vol de reconnaissance en bateau
М.4 Разведывательная летающая лодка M.4 vol de reconnaissance en bateau
M.5 Истребитель-летающая лодка Fighter-M.5 bateau battant
M.7 Истребитель-летающая лодка M.7-Fighter Flying Boat
M.16 Легкий многоцелевой самолет M.16 avion léger polyvalent
M.18 Летающая лодка разведчик-бомбардировщик M.18 Flying bateau scout-bombardier
M.24 Летающая лодка разведчик-бомбардировщик M.24 Flying bateau scout-bombardier
M.41 Истребитель-летающая лодка M.41 Fighter, bateau battant
M.71 Истребитель-летающая лодка M.71 Fighter, bateau battant
MC.72 Легкий гоночный самолет MC.72 avion léger de course
MC.94 Транспортная летающая лодка MC.94 transport bateau battant
MC.100 Транспортная летающая лодка MC.100 transport bateau battant
MC.200 SAETTA Истребитель MC.200 SAETTA Fighter
MC.202 FOLGORE Истребитель MC.202 Folgore Fighter
MC.201 Истребитель MC.201 Fighter
MC.205V VELTRO Многоцелевой истребитель MC.205V VELTRO de combat polyvalent
MC.205N ORIONE Истребитель-перехватчик MC.205N ORIONE Fighter intercepteur

MACCHI 6    M.5  M.C.72  MC.94  C.200 "Saetta"  C.202 Folgore  C.205 Veltro
Founded in 1912 at Varese as Societa Anonima Nieuport- Macchi, specialising in marine aircraft. During First World War built L-1 license-manufactured Lohner L-40 flying-boats, M-3 fighter and M-5 biplane flying-boat, developed into M-7 which won 1921 Schneider Trophy, an achievement repeated by M-39 in 1926. MC.72 floatplane set world airspeed record of 709.19km/h onOctober 23,1933.

Macchi C.200 ''Saetta''
C.200 "Saetta"
Pre-Second World War commercial flying-boats included 12-seat MC.94 and 26-seat MC.100. MC.200 Saetta fighters produced from 1937, developed into MC.202 Falgore, and MC.205 Veltro. Post-war developments included MB.308 two/three-seat cabin monoplane, also built in Argentina by German Bianco SA, MB.320 six-seat light twin and 150 M.416 license-built Fokker S.11 trainers. Joint program with Fiat to build Vampire FB.52As, followed by MB.326 jet trainer, first flown December 10,1957 and later produced also in two-seat and single-seat armed strike trainer forms. Lockheed of U.S.A. acquired shareholding in Aermacchi in 1959. Became known as Aermacchi in 1961.


MAGNI (Italie) Piero Magny 1924 
PM-1(2) VITTORIA Легкий многоцелевой самолет PM-1 (2) VITTORIA avion léger multi -
PM-3 VALE Легкий многоцелевой самолет PM-3 VALE avion léger polyvalent
Founded by Piero Magni in 1919, primarily research and development organization but manufactured aircraft for other designers, including Jona J-6 tilting-wing sesquiplane and the conventional-winged J-6S military trainer. Magni's own aircraft included PM-3-4 Vale 1937 single-seat aerobatic aircraft and the derived PM-4-1 Supervale
NARDI (Italie) 
FN.305 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation FN.305 avion
FN.310 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation FN.310 avion
FN.315 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation FN.315 avion
FN.316 Учебно-тренировочный самолет Formation FN.316 avion

Established in Milan in 1933 by three brothers. Nardi's first aircraft was the F.N.305 tandem two-seat lightplane, which flew in 1935 and was intended as a fighter-trainer. A1938 successor, the F.N.315, was exported to six countries, and a light-attack version was flown experimentally. The first postwar product was the F.N.333 amphibian, a three/four-seat twin-boom design later acquired by SIAI-Marchetti and marketed from 1962 as the Riviera, and in America as the North Star amphibian.

MERLIN Многоцелевой вертолет MERLIN hélicoptère polyvalent
NH-90 Многоцелевой вертолет NH-90 hélicoptères polyvalents
Panavia (Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, Italie)
TORNADO ECR Тактический ударный самолет РЭБ TORNADO ECR aéronefs de frappe tactique CÉR
TORNADO F.2 (ADV) Всепогодный дальний перехватчик TORNADO F.2 (ADV) en tout temps d'interception à longue distance
TORNADO F.3 Всепогодный дальний перехватчик TORNADO F.3 tous temps à long rayon d'interception
TORNADO GR.1 (IDS) Ударный тактический истребитель TORNADO Gr.1 (IDS) Impact tactique de combat
TORNADO GR.1A Ударно-разведывательный истребитель TORNADO GR.1A Shock-reconnaissance de combat
TORNADO GR.1B Морской ударный истребитель TORNADO GR.1B Revue Morskoj percussion de combat
TORNADO GR.4 Ударный тактический истребитель TORNADO Gr.4 impact tactiques de combat
P.2 Истребитель P.2 Fighter
P.3 Ночной бомбардировщик P.3 bombardier de nuit
P.6 Вспомогательный гидросамолет P.6 Support hydravion
P.7 Легкий гоночный самолет P.7 avion léger de course
P.8 Разведывательный гидросамолет P.8 Intelligence hydravion
P.11 Учебно-тренировочный самолет P.11 Formation avion
P.12 Легкий транспортный самолет P.12 Light Transport Aircraft
P.16 Тяжелый бомбардировщик P.16 bombardier lourd
P.23 Транспортный самолет P.23 avions de transport
P.23R Транспортный самолет P.23R avions de transport
P.32 Средний бомбардировщик P.32 moyen bombardier
P.50 Тяжелый бомбардировщик P.50 bombardier lourd
P.108 BOMBARDIERE Тяжелый бомбардировщик P.108 BOMBARDIERE bombardier lourd
P.111 Легкий бомбардировщик P.111 Light bombardier
P.119 Истребитель P.119 Fighter
P.136 Многоцелевой самолет-амфибия P.136 avion amphibie polyvalent
P.148 Учебно-тренировочный самолет P.148 formation avion
P.149 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет P.149 avion polyvalent de formation
P.150 Учебно-тренировочный самолет P.150 formation avion
P.166 Легкий транспортный самолет P.166 Light Transport Aircraft
P.180 AVANTI Легкий военно-транспортный самолет P.180 AVANTI lumière avion de transport militaire
PD.808 ECM Самолет РЭБ PD.808 ECM avion EW


PIAGGIO, RINALDO 20   P.2  P.3  P.6target="_blank"  P.8   P.7  P.11  P.16  P.23  P.23R  P.32  P.50  P.108  P.119  P.136  P.148  P.150  P.149  P.166  PD-808  P.180
SA Piaggio & Co, an engineering and shipbuilding company, produced some Caproni aircraft and parts during the First World War, but subsequently abandoned aircraft manufacture until it took over Pegna & Bonmartini in 1923. First product was the Piaggio-Pegna pursuit monoplane with Hispano-Suiza engine. Later was associated with Societa di Costruzioni Meccaniche Aeronautiche in license-construction of Domier Wal flying-boats. Built P.32 twin-engined heavy bomber at end of 1930s and several four-engined P.108 heavy bombers during Second World War.

Resumed aeronautical work in late 1946 with conversion of Dakotas for airline service. Built P.136 five-seat twin-engined amphibian, prototype flying in 1948, followed by a series of trainers for the Italian Air Force; the P.149 was also license-built by
Piaggio P.180
Focke-Wulf in Germany. Produced the P.166 executive transport in 1957, with two Lycoming engines and pusher propellers, as with the P.136; P.166-DL3 turboprop variant later developed and produced, with final P.166-DL3-SEM Maritime variant for search and surveillance, coastal patrol and other roles still available in 1998, but only to special order. Signed agreement with U.S. Douglas company in 1961 for joint development of light utility aircraft, first flown in 1964. Designated PD.808 and powered by two Bristol Siddeley Viper turbojets, only a small number was built.

The present Rinaldo Piaggio company was formed in February 1964 as a separate concern, but in 1994 was put under insolvency protection; 51 percent shareholding in the company was purchased by Tushav, a Turkish holding company, in mid-1998, and protection was thereafter lifted. P.180 Avanti twin-pusher turboprop business aircraft flown September 1986, but only 43 production aircraft ordered; turbofan derivative may be developed. Has manufactured components for Aeritalia/Alenia, AMX International, Dassault and Panavia.

POMILIO (Italie) Company founded during First World War which built biplanes powered by Fiat engines.  
PC Разведывательный самолет PC avion de reconnaissance 1917
PD Разведывательный самолет PD avion de reconnaissance
PE Разведывательный самолет PE avion de reconnaissance
REGGIANE (Italie)    Reggiane Italiane 
Re.2000 FALCO Истребитель Re.2000 FALCO Fighter
Re.2001 ARIETE I Истребитель-бомбардировщик Re.2001 ARIETE Fighter I-bombardier
Re.2001 DELTA Истребитель-бомбардировщик DELTA Re.2001 Fighter-bombardier
Re.2002 ARIETE II Истребитель-бомбардировщик Re.2002 ARIETE II chasseurs-bombardiers
Re.2003 Истребитель-разведчик Re.2003 Fighter-agent
Re.2005 SAGITTARIO Истребитель Re.2005 Sagittario Fighter
Re.2006 Истребитель Re.2006 Fighter
Re.2007 Истребитель Re.2007 Fighter
REGGIANE SA 4   Re.2000 Falco  Re.2001 Ariete I  Re.2005 Sagittario  Re.2002 Ariete II  
Built Caproni aircraft during First World War, but closed its aircraft department
Reggiane Re.2001 Ariete I
Re.2001 Ariete I
after the war. Resumed aircraft manufacture in mid-1930s, producing the Ca.405 Procellaria high-performance twin-engine bomber in 1937. Re 2000 Falco I fighter appeared in 1940 with Fiat radial engine, and other versions followed. By 1946 the company had ceased aircraft manufacture and was building railway coaches.
SAI (Italie)
SAI.2S Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет SAI.2S avion polyvalent de formation
SAI.3 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет SAI.3 avion polyvalent de formation
SAI 107 Истребитель SAI 107 Fighter
SAI 207 Истребитель SAI 207 Fighter
SAI 403 DARDO Истребитель SAI 403 Dardo Fighter
SS4 Истребитель SS4 Fighter
200 Учебно-тренировочный самолет 200 avions de formation
202 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет 202 Multi-avions
204 Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет 204 Multi-avions
205 Учебно-тренировочный самолет 205 avions de formation

==> Societa Anonima Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Navali. Founded 1929, SAIMAN specialized in repair and maintenance of marine aircraft and boats. In 1932 built experimental C.10 monoplane with variable-incidence wing. During 1934-1938 made SAIMAN 200 two-seat trainer biplane and 201 and 202 two-seat touring monoplanes. SAIMAN 204 of 1939 was an experimental derivative, but LB.4 made by the company in 1938 was a very different twin-boom airframe with tricycle landing gear.


S.16 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle S.16 bateau volant 1919
S.55 Разведывательно-бомбардировочная летающая лодка Article 55 de renseignement bombardement bateau battant
S.56 Учебно-тренировочная летающая лодка S.56 Formation Flying Boat
SM62 Многоцелевая летающая лодка SM62 Multi bateau volant
S.66 Транспортная летающая лодка S.66 bateau battant transport
SM72 Бомбардировщик-транспортник SM72 Bomber-transport
SM73 Пассажирский самолет SM73 avions de transport de passagers
SM74 MILLEPIEDDI Транспортный самолет SM74 MILLEPIEDDI avions de transport
SM75 MARSUPIALE Транспортный самолет SM75 MARSUPIALE avions de transport
SM76 Транспортный самолет SM76 avions de transport
SM79 SPARVIERO Cкоростной бомбаpдиpовщик-торпедоносец SM79 SPARVIERO Ckorostnoy bombapdipovschik-torpilles
SM79bis SPARVIERO Cкоростной бомбаpдиpовщик-торпедоносец SM79bis SPARVIERO Ckorostnoy bombapdipovschik-torpilles
SM79B SPARVIERO Cкоростной бомбаpдиpовщик-торпедоносец SM79B SPARVIERO Ckorostnoy bombapdipovschik-torpilles
SM80 Легкая летающая лодка SM80 Light bateau volant
SM81 PIPISTRELLO Cредний бомбардировщик SM81 Pipistrello moyenne bombardier
SM82 CANGURU Тяжелый бомбардировщик-транспортник SM82 CANGURU bombardier transport
SM83 Пассажирский самолет SM83 avions de transport de passagers
SM84 Cредний бомбардировщик-торпедоносец SM84 moyenne bombardier-torpilleur
SM84bimotore Пассажирский самолет SM84bimotore avions de transport de passagers
SM85 Пикирующий бомбардировщик SM85 plongée bombardier
SM86 Пикирующий бомбардировщик SM86 plongée bombardier
SM87 Транспортный самолет SM87 avions de transport
SM89 Ударный самолет SM89 plan collision
SM90 Транспортный самолет SM90 avions de transport
SM91 Многоцелевой истребитель SM91 polyvalente Fighter
SM92 Многоцелевой истребитель SM92 polyvalente Fighter
SM93 Пикирующий бомбардировщик SM93 plongée bombardier
SM95 Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет SM95 moyen des avions de passagers
SM102 Легкий транспортный самолет SM102 Light Transport Aircraft

SIAI-MARCHETTI SOCIETA PER AZIONI 8   S.M.102  FN.333  SF.260  S.205, S.208  S.M.1019  S.210  S.211  SF-600TP
The former Savoia-Marchetti company (see below Societa Idrovolanti Alta Italia), the history of which it shares. Since 1946 engaged in overhaul and repair work and developed new aircraft. Types have included SA.202 Bravo trainer produced jointly with FFA in Switzerland; S.205

SIAI-Marchetti S.205, S.208
S.205, S.208
four-seater and S.208 development. First flew SF.250 aerobatic trainer in July 1964; became highly successful SF.260 production aircraft for civil and military use (initials in SF.260 denoted design by Stelio Frati). In 1968 company formed a Vertical Flight Division, but increasing helicopter work became associated with Agusta and Eli— cotteri Meridionale. SM.1019 light multipurpose high-wing monoplane followed 1969, SF.600 Canguro transport 1979 (recently taken over by VulcanAir, see down), and S211 jet trainer and light attack aircraft 1981. Company taken over by Aermacchi January 1997.


SIA (Italie)
SIA.7(9) Разведывательный самолет SIA.7 (9) des avions de reconnaissance
SIAI (Italie)
FN.333 RIVIERA Легкий самолет-амфибия RIVIERA FN.333 d'avions légers d'amphibiens
S.16 Многоцелевая летающая лодка Plurisectorielle S.16 bateau volant
S.205 Легкий многоцелевой самолет S.205 avion léger polyvalent
S.208 Легкий многоцелевой самолет S.208 avion léger polyvalent
S.211 Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик S.211 Léger Multi-attaque avion
SAGITTARIO Экспериментальный самолет Experimental Sagittario avion
SF.260 Тренер вооружения и легкий ударный самолет Entraîneur SF.260 légères et de petit avion de frappe
SF.600 CANGURO Легкий военно-транспортный самолет SF.600 CANGURO lumière avion de transport militaire
SМ.1019 Легкий вспомогательный самолет SM.1019 auxiliaire avion léger


TERZI (Italie) ingénieur italien Pietro Terzi
T-9 STILETTO Легкий спортивный самолет T-9 Stiletto Light Sport avion
T-30 KATANA Легкий спортивный самолет T-30 des avions légers sport KATANA
Product range encompasses T-9 Stiletto two-seat lightplane (first flown 1990) for club and private flying, training, surveillance and more; T-30 Katana single-seat aerobatic/ competition monoplane (first flown 1991); and Windspider inflatable sailing craft
UMBRA (Italie) Muzio Macchi Aeronautica Umbra SA 1939
AUT.18 Истребитель AUT.18 Fighter
Founded in 1935 by Muzio Macchi, Umbra built Savoia- Marchetti S.M.79 torpedo-bombers under licence. Postwar production comprised aircraft and systems components until work was begun, in 1968, on the AUM- 903 three-engined STOL light transport project. Current production is concentrated on licence manufacture of the Scheibe SF-25B Motorfalke motor glider for the Italian and North African markets. 

The first Italian who flew did so on board a balloon in 1784. Exactly 100 years after Paolo Andreani's flight, the Army of the young Italian state was equipped with a number of balloons that took part in the first Italian expedition to East Africa in 1890.

Experimentation with aircraft in Italy was given a push by the visit of the French pioneer Delagrange (1908), and by Wilbur Wright, who flew in Italy and gave lessons on flying practice to two young Italian aviators. After that, aeronautical flight received a tremendous increase in activity and expansion, culminating in the first national event, the aerial circuit of Brescia in 1910.

While it is difficult to say who was the first designer and which was the first design of an Italian aircraft, it is important to note that the country was the first nation to employ aircraft for military applications-using it for observations (photography) as well as the launching of hand-bombs during the Libyan War in 1911.

At the beginning of World War I, the Italian aircraft industry was almost nonexistent and the Armed Forces were equipped with a very poor fleet (60 aircraft, 5 airships, and 12 seaplanes). However, aircraft were used for the launching of propaganda leaflets over Vienna in 1915.

The Italian aircraft industry started to take its first steps in 1910 when Gianni Caproni built a factory to produce large bombers. But the industry expanded tremendously during the war. By the end, 12,000 airplanes and 25,000 engines had been produced. Italy had become the fourth aeronautical power in the world, after France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The end of the war necessitated a re-conversion of the aeronautical industry in order to ensure the continued employment of the 300,000 people involved. Caproni was the first to promote and encourage the construction of large civil airplanes. But commercial airline companies had not yet been established in the country and the Italian industries had to market themselves to the foreign market. For this reason, Ansaldo Aviazione and Caproni organized several demonstration trips to European and South American countries.

The period between the two wars was characterized by great Italian exploits in sorties, air cruises, records, and sport victories. Among these were: speed record for seaplanes, as yet unbeaten (Macchi, 1934); the two air cruises through the Atlantic under Italo Balbo's leadership (South America, 1930; North America, 1934); and the Schneider Cup for seaplanes, which was won four times by the Italians.

The events of World War II were unsuccessful for Italy and its military aviation, essentially because of the overwhelming superiority of the Allied fleets in the central and final periods of the war. The MG 202, 205, the FIAT G55, and Italian fighters couldn't compare with the performance of American and British aircraft. At the end of the conflict, the Italian aviation industry no longer existed.

The period following WWII, though, can be considered the Renaissance of Italian aviation. In commercial activities, Alitalia is one of the most prestigious companies in the world. It started in 1947 with a very small fleet, and now its aircraft travel everywhere in the world. The Italian aeronautical industry had and still has its major representative in Alenia, the former Aeritalia. Under the direction of first-class designers such as Gabrielli, and eventually of his pupils and successors Cereti and Vallerani, Alenia has been involved in several military projects (Tornado, AMX, and EFA-Typhoon) and civil aircraft (Boeing 767, MD80s, and ATR42/72).

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