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When Wilbur Wright came to Europe with his Flyer biplane, the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII, was one of his visitors at Pau in February 1909. That same year, Antonio Fernández, who lived in France, built the first aeroplane of Spanish design to be exhibited in the Paris Salon de l'Aéronautique, where he sold the manufacturing license to Pierre Levasseur. Fernández flew his machine successfully on 5 November, but he was killed due to an elevator control failure. 
Antonio Fernández, niçois d’adoption, et pionnier de l’aviation, était né à Madrid en 1865 et était venu s’installer à Nice vers 1890... more  

Registered as a company at Santander to manufacture, overhaul, and repair aircraft. As an experiment in 1954 built a Jodel lightplane; under name Popuplane made license-built versions of Jodel D.112 and D.119, and under new management made a refined version of the Aero- Difusion Jodel D.1190S which was called the Compostela

Produces kits to build the AJ.1/RF-5 Serrania, a variant of the French Fournier RF-5 

Constructora Aeronaval de Levante SA, established factory in Castellon de la Plana, near Valencia. License-builder in 1960s of Piel Emeraude French light aircraft.

see AISA below 

Established at Cuatro Vientos, near Madrid, headquarters of the Spanish Military Air Service. Had its own workshops and laboratory and before 1931 was said to have produced several types of aircraft.

Formed to develop and build helicopters of French (Jean Cantinieau) design. Also licensed for Matra-Cantinieau production. Two prototypes of AC-12 built in Madrid by mid-1950s (first one flown July 1956) and a few delivered to Spanish Air Force. Type was unorthodox in layout and featured transmission and reduction gear on automobile principles. AC-14 development flew July 1957, but Aerotecnica organization dissolved in 1962.

Aeronautica Industrial SA, engaged from 1923 on aircraft manufacture, repair, and maintenance. In 1927 built some of earliest Cierva Autogiros, a type originated in Spain. H.M.1 and 5 trainers and H.M.9 glider tug built 1943; H.M.3 seaplane and H.M.7 cabin monoplane 1947; took over Aircraft Department of Iberavia SA (including helicopter designs); flew I-11 1953; built AVD-12 high-wing all-metal monoplane to designs of Emile Dewoitine mid- 1950s. Tandem-seat trainer I-115 went into production for Spanish Air Force at same period, also I-11B tourer/trainer. Repair work has embraced several modern types of helicopter, while fixed-wing production continued with Italian-designed Siai-Marchetti four-seater. Rotarywing work continued with AISA Autogyro GN, having jump take-off capability

Offers kits to build the former German Jungmann two-seat aerobatic biplane using original Bucker/CASA Bu 131 jigs, plus Jungmeister single-seat aerobatic biplane


CASA (Espagne) Construcciones Aeronauticas SA 
2-III Средний бомбардировщик 2-III Moyen bombardier
С-101 AVIOJET Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик C-101 Aviojet lumière multifonction plan d'attaque
С-101СС AVIOJET Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик P-101SS Aviojet attaque avion léger polyvalent
С-207 AZOR Среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет P-207 avions de transport de passagers moyen AZOR
C-212 AVIOCAR Легкий военно-транспортный самолет C-212 Aviocar lumière avion de transport militaire
С-212-М AVIOCAR Многоцелевой патрульный самолет P-212-M Aviocar Multi-avions de patrouille
С-212-400 PATRULLERO Многоцелевой патрульный самолет P-212-400 Patrullero plusieurs avions de patrouille
СN-235 Легкий военно-транспортный самолет CN-235, avion de transport militaire légers
СN-235М Многоцелевой противолодочный самолет CN-235M polyvalents anti-aérienne
СN-235МP PERSUADER Патрульный самолет CN-235MP Persuader les avions de patrouille
С-295 Легкий военно-транспортный самолет C-295, avion de transport militaire légers
E.25 MIRLO Легкий многоцелевой штурмовик E.25 Mirlo avion léger polyvalent attaque

C-207 "Azor" C-212 "Aviocar" C-101 "Aviojet"
Construcciones Aeronauticas SA formed 3 March 1923, with factory at Getafe, to produce all-metal aircraft for Spanish Air Force. Began by license-building Breguet XIX reconnaissance-bomber biplanes, followed by other aircraft of foreign design including Dornier Wai flying-boats (at Cadiz), Vickers Vildebeest torpedo-bombers, Gotha Go 145C biplane trainers, Junkers Ju 52/3m transports, Bucker Bu 131, and 133 aerobatic trainers and Heinkel He 111 medium bombers. Opened design department after Second World War; first series product was Dornier Do 27 general-purpose lightplane, followed by CASA-201 Alcotan, CASA-202 Halcon and CASA-207 Alcotan twin-engined transports of own design. Completed
CASA C-207 ''Azor''
C-207 "Azor"
70 Northrop F-5 fighters under license for Spanish Air Force. In 1972 took over Hispano Aviacion, followed by the ENMASA aero- engine concern in June 1973. Currently has three divisions, namely Aircraft, Maintenance, and Space: Aircraft division activities include design of aircraft and integrated structures; share in international Airbus, Eurofighter, and FLA programs; manufacture of structural parts and components for Boeing, Eurocopter, Northrop Grumman, and Saab aircraft; continuing development and production of C-101 Aviojet advanced and lead-in jet trainer/light attack aircraft (first flown June 1977), C-212 Aviocar (first flown March, and currently offered in Series 400 form as first flown April 1997) in transport and maritime versions, and development of the new ATX family of advanced trainers and light combat aircraft; and production of CN 235 via international Airtech company (q.v.)

Cierva (Espagne, Royaume-Uni)
C.1(4) Легкий автожир C.1 (4) Lumière Autogiro (combinaison Avion-Hélicoptère) 1920 
C.6 Легкий автожир C.6 Light Autogiro  
C.8 Легкий автожир C.8 autogire Light
C.12 Легкий автожир C.12 Light Autogiro
C.19 Разведывательный автожир C.19 autogire Intelligence
C.24 Легкий вспомогательный автожир C.24 Light filiale Autogiro
C.30 Разведывательный автожир C.30 autogire Intelligence
C.40 Разведывательный автожир C.40 autogire Intelligence
W.9 Легкий вспомогательный вертолет W.9 hélicoptère léger de soutien

L'AUTOGIRE DE LA CIERVA. Dû à un ingénieur espagnol, M. Juan de La Cierva, cet appareil, d'aspect et de principe entièrement nouveaux, constitua, en 1923, une révélation.... 

Oficinas Tecnicas Dornier was set up after the Second World War by Dr. Claude Dornier. First designed the Do 25, from which the very successful Do 27 STOL aircraft was built. Spanish Company Construcciones Aeronauticas SA (q.v.) produced 50 of these.

GP-1 Учебно-тренировочный самолет GP-1 appareil de formation
GP-2 Учебно-тренировочный самолет GP-2 Formation des avions


HISPANO (Espagne)
E.12 SAETA Легкий ударный самолет E.12 Saeta avions légers de frappe
HA.100 TRIANA Многоцелевой тренировочный самолет HA.100 TRIANA avion polyvalent de formation
HA-200 SAETA Учебно-боевой самолет HA-200 Saeta Formation avion de guerre
HA-220 SUPER SAETA Легкий штурмовик HA-220 Saeta SUPER lumière avion d'attaque
HA-1112 BUCHON Истребитель HA-1112 Buchon Fighter

La Hispano Aviacion SA manufactured the Fiat CR.32 biplane fighter as the HA-132-1 Chirri between 1938- 1942. In 1943 the company received a contract to build the Messerschmitt Bf 109G under license for the Spanish Air Force. Designated Hispano HA-1109, it was powered initially by a Hispano-Suiza HS-12Z engine and later, in HA-1109/1110 Buchon variants, by the Rolls-Royce Merlin. An indigenous HA-43D-1 advanced two-seat military trainer went into production for the Spanish Air Force in 1947, followed in 1953 by the HA-1 OOEI replacement, with tricycle landing gear, designed by Willy Messerschmitt. Messerschmitt also supervised design of the HA-200 Saeta jet trainer, which first flew in 1955 and which was later developed as the HA-220 Super Saeta single-seat light ground-attack aircraft. Hispano merged with Construcciones Aeronauticas SA (q.v.) in 1972.

This company, established in 1946, began the development of aircraft in 1948. A two-seat training glider, the IP- 2, was designed, but construction was undertaken byAISA (q.v.). Designed and built in 1950 the 1-11 two-seat lightweight training/sporting aircraft, followed by the 1-115 basic trainer. Was involved in helicopter design when the company was taken over by AISA.

Avions Metalicos Junkers was founded at Madrid in 1923 to provide facilities for the construction of Junkers aircraft in Spain. A two-seat all-metal monoplane was in production in 1924.

Founded in Madrid by Dr. Loring of the Compania Espanola de Trafico Aereo. Received order for 20 Fokker CIV for Spanish Army Air Corps in 1924. First indigenous design was the R.1 for the army. Further reconnaissance types followed, and light aircraft. Built Cierva Autogiro under license.

Successor to Stark Flugzeugbau AG of Minden/Westf, Germany. In late 1960s was continuing development and production of Stark version of Druine Turbulent and Stamo engine. 



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